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Mr Gay UK – Daniel Broughton April 2008


Memories or Morocco 

It’s that time of year again as the gay community gears itself up for various pride events. Kicking of this season of celebration is my home town of Blackpool where, over the 17th and 18th May, fun, frolics and no doubt a few pink feathery boas will be on the loose. I love these pride events and I shall be attending as many as I can. If you spot me… come and say “Hello” and encourage me to keep up my training because… Mr Gay Europe is soon to happen and I need my body to be in tip top shape if I’m to stand any chance. 

I must mention the fantastic night I had recently presenting the Leeds Owlies awards. This event is a great way for towns or cities to recognise the efforts and achievements of different LGBT venues and organizations. It was great to see people given some recognition from their own communities for work that is often over-looked… and I guess it’s always great to receive an award… I know I love it!!! 

Over at Livingstone’s in Barnsley, where manager Andy and the ‘three lassies’ certainly know how to throw a party…I was the guest of honour at a new stage show called ‘Diva Las Vegas’, which was fronted by the winner of this years Drag 4 U, Miss Fanny who was ably supported by a fantastic cast. You could tell so much time, money and effort had gone in to this fabulous and hysterical show. You will never think of Amy Winehouse in the same way again and I guarantee a night you will not forget in a long while 

Meanwhile, here it is guys – Thousands of photographs later my calendar for 2008/09. 

I was whisked off at a moments notice to my very first photo-shoot in Morocco. I was excited and happy but extremely nervous… I had no idea that being Mr Gay UK meant anything could happen… and happen so quickly. 

I didn’t realise how much hard work it was to be a model and to stand there and pose for the camera. Yes I know that sounds like I’m a moaning Mona but I’d never given a seconds thought to what is actually needed to capture that one moment, that image, that hundreds, perhaps thousands, maybe even millions of people might see of… me. It can be quite humbling. Like having to be up early to catch the right light, working out so my muscles were tense, eating the right food before the shoot and just all the preparation to get the right pose and attitude that the photographer wants. Terry the photographer has had his work exhibited all over the world and he took time to make me feel (and look) really good. The shots of me in the sea I really love… except I remember being surrounded by jellyfish and pleading with Terry to hurry up with the shots so I wouldn’t get stung. In retrospect… he laughed a lot that day. Meanwhile, where ever we went a crowd would gather to watch or sell us some melon or fruit and I loved my first taste of a different culture. 

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Daniel xxx