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Boys Meet Hero

article_image-22.phpGranted extraordinary cosmic powers, BLUE COMET, along with the sensational SUNSTAR defend GOLDEN BAY CITY against nefarious supervillains. As one of the city´s most celebrated and powerful heroes, there is nothing BLUE COMET can´t handle. However, one fateful encounter with Justin, SUNSTAR´S Brother, changes BLUE COMET forever and makes him the hero with two secret identities…

Keeping the double-identity of a gay superhero a secret is pointedly played up in this story. Reader’s can expect a colorful spectacle, imaginatively strewn with countless references to world-famous comic heroes. Ironic digs at gay clichés and heterosexual heroic fantasies round off this work, making BOY MEETS HERO to a very special treat. 

Chayne Avery & Russell Garcia live together in Albuquerque. Chayne discovered his love of drawing as a child, and it quickly became clear to him that was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Russell works as an in-house designer, web designer and photographer, just to name a few of his many talents. Since 2005 they’ve been working together on the development of BOY MEETS HERO. 

Bruno Gmunder