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About Alex Stevens

article_image-27.phpThe ever popular Alex Stevens can be seen in a multitude of best selling films from Eurocreme. With great dark hair and the kind of smile that can either make your heart melt or your balls explode, there’s no wonder why Alex is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

Born: 19.05.1986 
Where: Jablonec Nad Nisou 
Current job: Porn Actor 
Height: 175 cm 
Colour eyes: brown 
Weight: 63 kg 
Dick: 18.5 x 4.5 cm 
Sexual orientation): bisexual 
Sexual preference: passive, versatile 

When and where did you first kiss a man?
My father kissed me at the hospital, directly after my birth. 

When and where did you first have sex with a man? How was it?
I was 16 and had been at a friend’s party, and we were all quite drunk. A guy followed me to the toilets and we did it there. First some fumbling and sucking, then he fucked me. I still do not know his name… (laughs) But it was awesome! 

What kind of sex do you prefer?
Soft and romantic but I always try new things. I am very curious… 

See him in action in his latest release – BuilderBoy