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Abuse Suffered By 75% Of Britsh Gay Man

article_image-53.phpResearch into the levels of homophobia on the streets of the UK’s gayest city has revealed that three-quarters of gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans residents residents have been on the receiving end of physical or verbal abuse in the last five years.

900 of the estimated 35,000 LGBT residents of Brighton and Hove took part in the Count Me In Too report by the University of Brighton and Spectrum LGBT forum.

Arthur Law, co-ordinator for Spectrum, told The Argus:

“This is really a starting point but there are some quite worrying findings.

“The city has long been a home to and refuge for LGBT people.¬†

“Only together, as individuals, groups, services, and planners, can we ensure that we build on these foundations to lead the way in tackling inequality and discrimination and championing a model of LGBT inclusion that the city can be proud of.

“There has been a general increase in confidence with the police but that is not necessarily carrying through to people reporting things.”

The survey also revealed that 16%of gay men have HIV.

21% have been homeless, of which 18% have used sex to gain somewhere to stay.