The Equality Forum In Philly

The Equality Forum In Philly

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The Equality Forum is held yearly in Philadelphia. ‘It’s not just an excuse to party’ says Executive Director Malcolm Lazin ‘it’s a chance for people to celebrate their sexuality but also and importantly to learn about our history, present and future’. There are events such as ‘Hairspray’ and parties such as ‘The Blue Ball’ but the Equality Forum also features a delegate each year to discuss sexuality in their country and history, this year’s was ‘the Muslim world’ and featured several discussions and talks from gay and lesbians from the Muslim world.

‘I feel every gay man and woman should know their past and what people are facing today to make things better in the future’ Malcolm added. The Equality Forum is the largest GLBT forum in the world and is free, people can join the SundayOut Street Party from all walks of life from all over the world, and they do in their droves.

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