Gay Food?

      doughnutOK, so, for no particular reason I was wondering if there was such a thing as gay food.

Not that I’m obsessed that if we are gay then we might be influenced by what we eat or anything… I just thought it would be fun to see what people thought of the idea. I was expecting a litany of exotic quiches or something like soft poached eggs in a champagne and fennel infused cous cous but no… everyone seemed to think sexual objects.NCI_03bananas-03

Bananas topped the list of the most ‘gay’ food, although carrots, cucumbers and sausages were not far behind. I must give a hearty cheer to the chap who suggested his favourite was a “…lovely big, purple aubergine!!!” I had tears in my eyes thinking about that one but perhaps I should have thought what a wonderful moussaka it would have made instead of where my mind ventured.

Other suggestions included – Cock-o-vin, toad in the hole, muffins, Spotted Dick, puff pastry, Camp coffee and a green ‘tossed’ salad. Some of the American responses had brand names that had a certain ring to them like; Twinkies and Ding Dongs but I drew the line at the suggestion for Cadbury’s finger of Fudge.cadbury-fudge-114986

However, my favourite response was from ‘Anon’ who simply said he could never get through a meal with his gay friends without a good helping of ‘sarcasm’.