Confession: Two Guys

    8679008   As I wasn’t going to see my parents over the summer period I agreed to meet them in my local pub for pre-holiday drinks. I arrived early and noticed two guys who clocked me as I entered the bar. This isn’t a gay bar or anything, just a local pub.

I saw the guys looking, obviously talking about me and as I stood at the bar waiting to be served, one sidled up and asked if my name was Tony. I said it was and he mentioned the name of a friend of mine, who he said told everyone: ‘I was a fantastic shag’.

He was smiling as he said it and I laughed along, still waiting for service. He said quite brazenly that he and his mate were leaving and did I want to go back for a quickie. I looked at my watch, and as I was a good half hour early for my parents, asked if they lived nearby.

“Just up the road.”

They were both quite big guys and fairly raunchy looking so I said “Just a quickie then.”

I never did get back for that drink and I’m sorry mum and dad… but a shags a shag and a bloody great one it was too… there was nothing quick about it.

Tony, Yorkshire.

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One thought on “Confession: Two Guys

  • September 15, 2015 at 8:26 pm

    Tony I wouldn’t say sorry to your parents,i would just ask for an ice pack,because you must have one hell of a sore arse.There’s no such thing as a quickie!

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