Bent Fiction – Taking Photos

crop1122112by Les Lea 

      Just home from his basic training the new trooper relaxed on the beach, his short hair, newly defined body and slightly aggressive attitude picking him out as a ‘newbie’ soldier. He did look unobtainable but as he wasn’t even 20, hadn’t quite got all the other soldierly moves and postures right yet. He lay out on his side reading a magazine. His khaki vest tight and damp with sweat, his tiny khaki shorts riding up his thigh in a most revealing way, what a fantastic vision and photo opportunity I thought his pose would make so, I clicked away with my digi-cam without him knowing.

I got down low and could see just a tiny bit of cock peeking down one leg. God, the weather, the view and the lad himself were all so hot as I continued capturing those erotic images. I got carried away with my close-ups and when I did eventually calm down a little his cock was pushing hard and large down his right thigh and… he was looking fiercely straight at me.  

The look on his face told me he was angry but the cock slowly growing in his shorts told me that something was turning him on. I wasn’t too sure how to play this embarrassing moment so I just smiled, pointed the camera at him, told him to smile and took a shot of his face. In that ‘Kodak’ moment I noticed that the anger had gone and he himself almost broke into a grin.

“One for ‘Soldier’ Magazine please” Click. He’d suddenly relaxed so I pushed it further.

“One more for ‘Hunks On The Beach Quarterly’ if you don’t mind.” He actually posed and smiled as he showed off his new muscles. Click. The lad almost glowed in the hot sun and I wanted to get to know him better.  

As he wiped the sweat from his slowly tanning body I took the opportunity to ask him if he fancied a beer. I expected a short dialogue before I thought he would eventually, though perhaps reluctantly, agree but this lad must have been really thirsty as he jumped at the offer. In the air-conditioned bar across the road from the beach he downed his first ice cold Bud in seconds. I passed him my untouched one and ordered a couple more. He downed that one while we waited but happily settled on his third and took a slow slug from it before coming up for air and telling me how thirsty he was. He needn’t have told me, I could see for myself. We exchanged names; he was Brad (and looked remarkably like a certain, though younger, Mr Pitt) and I told him I was Steve, it isn’t but I thought I’d keep the movie-star motif going, having had a thing for Steve McQueen when I was a bit younger.  

tumblr_lzvrn64T291r2ihcjo1_1280  He looked fantastic. His bare arms flexed with new muscles as if he was trying to get use to them, and I knew his stomach was flat as I’d seen it earlier when his vest had rode up a little. He was one spunky guy and had the most amazing brown eyes that I’m sure had kittens all over the world meowing in jealousy. The beer had relaxed him a little and I took my time with the questions that were forming in my head. Having said that, the way he was half sat on the stool at the bar, half on and half off emphasized his crotch and those little khaki shorts left nothing to the imagination. What’s a guy to do? I went weak at the knees if I looked into his eyes or drooled uncontrollably if I lowered my gaze. As he tugged at his crotch to rearrange his equipment he saw my reaction. My mind raced to try and find a subject that was fairly neutral.   I was about to ask which battalion he was with and where he was stationed but he preempted all that by asking what I planned on doing with the photographs I’d taken.

I stammered ”Nothing.” I could see he wasn’t convinced.

“They’re for me and my own, private collection…”  

“You got a big ‘private’ collection?” He sneered in what I hoped was a jokey kind of way.  

“Erm… yes… I s’pose… er…” I stammered.  

“I think I should see if my pictures are good enough to be included,” he said pointedly, “don’t you?”  

I was hoping my nerves wouldn’t let me down at this point. “Well if you want to. I live about a mile inland you can come and see for yourself.”  

Despite the outward bravado I knew the lad was interested in something happening. I wasn’t sure what and I wasn’t sure it was going to be good for my health but I took a punt on this guy and drove him back to my place. On the trip up into the hills he sprawled out in the passenger seat, showing his bulging crotch and massaging it quite brazenly. He was being a bit of a prick tease and I thought that once I got him inside I’d show him a thing or two.  

After a brief look at the photos I displayed on the computer he looked at me, shrugged off his clothes and said “OK… where do you want me?”  

His youthful body, recently honed to perfection, was just superb and not surprisingly… I came in my pants immediately.