Bent Confession – Dogging?

Lay-by_on_A39_at_Collamoor_Head_-_geograph_org_uk_-_715105One night I was driving back from a long trip but got so horny thinking about a couple of sexy hitchhikers I’d passed earlier I decided to stop in a lay-by at the side of the road to have a wank.

I loved the idea of the traffic going passed, their headlights just catching me in mid-pump and the fact that I might get caught, turned me on even more. I pulled my trousers down around my ankles and in the warm comfort of my car started rubbing at my stiffening dick. My skin was illuminated in the lights of occasional passing vehicles however, I got caught in the headlights of truck as it pulled in behind me. I panicked a bit not knowing how this was going to pan out but as I reached for my pants the driver got out of his cab, a guy much older than me, and sauntered over. He knocked on my window and, as I tentatively wound it down, smiled and asked if I wanted any help.

I was still nervously trying to struggle back into my pants but he pulled open the door, told me I needn’t bother as he was going to spank me for being so ‘naughty’. I gave a distinctly unconvincing laugh but he yanked me from my seat, pulled them down again, took off his belt and pushed me over the bonnet of my car. With my pants around my ankles I stumbled and, with just the odd vehicle passing by, he used his belt to give me a hard lashing on my bare rump.

God it hurt but that taught me a lesson because when he turned me over I was as hard as nails. So, he went down on my rigid cock and within 20 seconds I was spurting down his eager throat. When he’d drained my balls he wiped his lips, nodded and sauntered back to his lorry and drove away leaving me both surprised and sore.

Mike, Leamington Spa

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  • April 27, 2015 at 11:09 pm

    What a lucky dirty bastard he was getting a bj and a spanking!I bet he couldn’t even drive his car home with that sore arse.What makes it worst the fucker didn’t even tell us the name of the street or road.So readers we will just have to sit tight with our hard ons in hand.

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