Confession – New Step-Brother

rx-mens-shorts-white-(model)When I was 18 my father re-married and I ended up with two new step brothers. They moved in with us and the one who was the same age as me well, we ended up sharing a room. My step-brother and I hit it off straight away. We like the same TV shows, music, and we’re both addicted to sport. I’m on the school swimming team, so I have a toned, slim body, and he’s on the rugby team, 6’4, built like a tank, pure muscle. Basically he’s a god. I’m bi, and had never done anything with a guy but sure wanted to.

One night, I got home from practice. I went straight up to my room, and feeling pretty horny, I put some porn on. I noticed his dirty rugby kit was lying on the floor nearby: the top, his shorts, and his white, skin-tight compression shorts he wore under his shorts. I had to touch them. I sniffed them deeply, breathing in the musky, sweaty smell. Before I knew it, I was naked and wearing nothing but the skintight shorts. It made me so hard knowing my cock was where his was just a few hours ago.

I was rubbing my dick through the shorts. I heard the door opening and there he was standing there in a towel, obviously just out of the shower. I could see his stiff cock tenting the towel.

“Need any help?” he asked smiling.

I was mortified, so didn’t say anything. I didn’t need to. Before I knew it, his towel was off and his thick, 8 inch, cut cock was in my mouth. We were soon sucking each other’s dicks and wanking each other. He soon came in my mouth and I could taste his salty, thick cum. I swallowed the nectar. That made me cum inside his mouth and I could tell he was loving it.

We then just lay there not saying anything, loving the afterglow of that horny session. It didn’t feel awkward at all. Seven years later, we’ve both left home and gone to different Unis, but still have those horny sessions whenever we’re at home. I don’t know how much longer we’ll go on doing it, I’m just loving going along with it.

Ewen, Glasgow.

One thought on “Confession – New Step-Brother

  • March 16, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    Thats one kinky fetish,to like sniffing,dirty sweaty rugby gear,the only thing that is missing is to start wanking into it with pleasure and delight.I wonder if his step brother knew about his step brother’s fetish and thats why he left his clothes lying around,to make it easier for him to shag him senseless or has the step brother got the same sort of fetish which makes both of them get horny.I will always wonder if one was taken ass up face deep down into the sweaty rugby gear while getting shagged?Because of the fetish that turns you on.Or was it just a one off because they still have sessions but no word on the fetish side or has the step brother became a cock tease by one day leaving his boxers lying around,then an hour later leaving his socks,so that he can hear the moans and groans or just so that he can get an easy fuck everytime.

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