Bent Fiction – Strange Encounter


 I took my 18yo boyfriend to a new club opening in a nearby town. I’m 30, good-looking, rich, confident and thought we made a fantastic looking couple. He’s slim, young, handsome and has the cutest bum in the world. A bum that he shows off to perfection by the clothes he wears and is confirmed by the appreciative looks he always receives. I remember when it was my hot little butt that got all the stares, however, I didn’t mind as this boy’s ass, in every way, was all mine.

He’s such a horny little bugger. On our second date I’d taken his offered virginity and just about every spare moment since then we’ve shagged like rabbits. It is great to find someone who can keep up with my sexual demands and thankfully, the lad has a few of his own.

The club was packed but we happily danced close together. Kissing and cuddling we only had eyes for each other. When a space appeared on the dance floor I noticed that the guy next to us, in a deep tongue embrace with a hot looking guy, was my very first boyfriend who I’d lost my virginity to nine years earlier. God he still looked pretty horny.

A smile broke out on my partner’s face as he grabbed the man & kissed him. I was angry, shocked and surprised until he spoke. “Hey dad” he said introducing me “this is my boyfriend Paul.”

2 thoughts on “Bent Fiction – Strange Encounter

  • March 16, 2015 at 7:40 pm

    I wonder if Paul ever asked his boyfriend what his dad was doing in a gay nightclub?
    I bet it was the kink of all those young fresh cute tight asses and sweaty bodies rubbing against each other.It could be for the music!But i don’t think so, would you just go for the music?

  • June 18, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    I wonder what the dad was like? If he was hot would be well horny. Can’t really imagine it with my dad tbh…

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