Bent Fiction – Nightmare

tumblr_naou18NuRk1s7pimmo1_1280aBy Les Lea

Joe felt groggy as he opened his eyes. His sleep had been a succession of deep and menacing dreams that had left him exhausted and tired. For the past four nights, since he’d made arrangements to meet someone, he’d had these frightening and heavy sexual nightmares that had taken his young body to absurd limits and which he had no wish to experience. However, his subconscious interpreted it differently and he’d woken up with his dick leaking and the hardest it had ever been.

His shorts were sodden, his bedding was damp with sweat and his head pounded as if he’d just gone a few rounds with the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. He pondered on how dreams can make you ache, feel sick and debase you… especially when you have had no real experience of what you’re dreaming about?  Joe was confused and worn out… and the meeting was later that evening.

Gary was a 40 year-old man who Joe had agreed to meet. His humour on the phone had immediately won the young 23 year-old over and the promise of an easy night of food, talk and simple sex (if it got that far) seemed just the offer Joe was looking for. Gary was well experienced with people coming out and experiencing gay life for the first time. He counted it as one of his true accomplishments that he had been there for so many ‘virgins’ as they took their first steps onto the gay scene. If they just wanted to meet another gay person… he was happy to fulfil that need. If they wanted to go to their first club or bar… he would be happy to take them. If they just wanted to talk to another gay person… he was often that person. He was a gentle, un-pushy guy who understood the difficulties some people had when they eventually decided to ‘come out’.

Joe had always been reticent to do anything about being gay, citing his work as an excuse, although his current spate of dreams was doing nothing to overcome his niggling anxiety. He knew it was time to actually do something. He was feeling lonely and left out on things in life he desperately wanted… a boyfriend… or just another gay friend he could talk with. He knew he was being silly but those dreams of him being held in bondage and held captive while faceless beings used and abused him had led to him almost cancelling his meeting with Gary. He understood that his dreams were just a sign of his mounting apprehension but also knew that if he didn’t make the breakthrough this time it would be harder the next. He was determined to go through with the meeting and break his cycle of fear he’d let build up over the years.

That night, over a burger and a coke, Joe’s apprehension was dispelled by the friendliness and humour of Gary who immediately put him at ease. They laughed, they talked, they even got dessert and Joe had never felt happier. Here was another gay man he could relate to and he was so pleased he’d met him. Meanwhile, Gary couldn’t believe how good looking Joe was and that nervous, unaffected shyness and honesty was very appealing to him. As they chatted Gary could feel the tight straps and chains that covered his body. His cock had tried to harden but was held in check by a fiendish devise that caused him agony if he tried to get an erection. Gary had a cruel master who kept him in constant torment but who was always keen to find new disciples.

As their time together drew to a close Gary offered Joe the chance, perhaps on another day, to go to a gay club. Joe was buzzing now that he’d finally made a friend and suggested they go to one now, while he was still high on taking that first step. Gary cleverly advised a caution, even though his cock was desperate for release, which he knew he would get if things turned out right. Joe was definite that he wanted to go while he was still in the mood.

A few hours later and a drunk but deliriously happy Joe agreed to go back to Gary’s place. Joe had fallen hook line and sinker for this genuine older man who had been so kind in seeing him out on his first venture into the gay world. He wanted to repay him, and, to experience sleeping with a man for the first time. Gary kept asking him if he was sure, knowing full well that he didn’t want his latest conquest to change his mind but he knew that look, that euphoria at ‘coming out’, that, “I’m ready to take that first, sexual step”… thankfully Joe was insistent.

As they entered Gary’s home and buoyed by the large amounts of alcohol Joe surreptitiously and excitedly attempted to fondle Gary’s cock for the very first time.  His hand was met by a strange barrier and as he looked quizzically up into Gary’s eyes. The reason for apologetic gaze that was returned soon became apparent. From the shadows behind him, unseen hands quickly and stealthily pulled a hood over his head, his arms were restrained and he was easily overpowered… everything went dark.