Bent Fiction – Mind-bender


tumblr_n21l1yvugj1rpj04no1_r1_500By G D MaGuire

He couldn’t believe it. After all these years, Dr Stewart Logan BSc (Hons), D.Hyp, DipThyp, PNLP, MHS (Acc) had Jimmy Preston, the guy who bullied him at school, as a patient on his couch.

It may have been almost 20 years ago but Dr Logan remembered the way Jimmy and his bullying cronies had gone out of their way to embarrass, torment and physically assault the class nerd (him) for over 4 long years.

It was obvious that Jimmy didn’t recognise the doctor he was about to unload many of his secrets to, if he had, he may well have had second thoughts. As it turned out… well… a new Jimmy Preston was about to be born.

Jimmy was referred to the practice because he had ‘anger’ issues. The court had ruled that as part of his sentence for Domestic Violence that he had to undergo a series of Anger Management classes, after which, he would be psychologically assessed and Dr Stewart Logan was the expert on whose opinion his fate would rest.

Jimmy’s marriage was over, his wife was glad to get away from his violent and controlling ways, but in her summing up, the judge had made it clear that if there wasn’t a change in his behaviour after  this psychological assessment… then a spell in jail would result.

In their first few sessions 34 year-old Jimmy was full of resentment and had been reluctant to talk. However, as the doctor gained his confidence; gently probing, adding easy banter, gaining trust, his patient opened up. Logan quickly realised that despite his patient being very good-looking and in perfect condition, the man was a seething mess of unresolved anger, petty hatred and simmering, unfounded jealousy that needed to be put in check. The doctor decided he’d try deep hypnosis in the hope of getting to the root of those troubles.

He was surprised how easily Jimmy went under and how simple it was to get him to react to any suggestion. Realising his empowerment, it was at this point that the highly educated, highly qualified, much in demand psychologist suddenly found his own issues rising to the surface. That anger that had been churning away in Jimmy all these years had transferred to the man who was charged with making him well. Retribution was a word that sprang into the doctor’s mind and Mr Jimmy Preston was going to feel the full force of that.

This was not going to be the ‘stage hypnotist’ style of embarrassment; being a chicken or growling like a dog, the hunky Mr Preston was going to feel the full force of his resentment. Stewart knew his desire for revenge could possibly lead to complications but he was determined to at least try. He wouldn’t have been the first psychologist to use his skill to get what he wanted from a patient. To train an easily receptive brain to do something different from the norm and become a vassal to the whims of the doctor. It was completely against any reasonable code of conduct but that was not going to be any kind of deterrent.

He started his mind manipulation by suggesting that every time Jimmy got angry, he pissed himself. ‘Yes’, the doctor thought, as he remembered the number of times he was left wearing wet pants after the bullies had set about him, ‘that was a very good place to start’. As a schoolboy he had returned home wet on many occasions but an unsympathetic father and mother had dismissed his claims of bullying and solved their child’s ‘problem’ by making him wear diapers to school. Of course, once the bullies found out, his life was made even more intolerable.

The doctor could take his time because the number of sessions Jimmy had to attend was at his discretion.  Whilst his patient was relaxed, deeply under and easily suggestible he set about his task; he made him cry as he told him what a worthless, little baby he was, how everybody hated him and that he was in for a beating later on. It was a terrifying tirade, and one that he himself had been dealt out by the very man now crying and panic-stricken in front of him. As the tears streamed down his face Jimmy couldn’t control his bladder and a wet patch blossomed down the front of his trousers.

The doctor felt triumphant. He would leave that piece of auto-suggestion in Jimmy’s brain so that any time that he got angry he’d revert to being a scared little kid. It was with some self-satisfaction that he noticed at some sessions, the hard man with anger issues would arrive wearing what appeared to be secure thick padding under his trousers. Jimmy didn’t know why he had suddenly started wetting himself. ‘Stress’ is what he put it down to, but wanted some control at least over these strange leaking problems he had developed… though he was far too embarrassed by them to mention to his psychiatrist. The one thing he was sure of was he didn’t want that particular fact permanently on his file.

With each session the doctor made the fear more intense but then he remembered that the only person at school who had tried to help him was his old geography teacher, Mr Hudson. When he had confronted the bullies, and Jimmy in particular, he had also been threatened, had vile names spat at him and was accused of being a ‘fucking gay twat’ by this evil bunch of boys. The fact that the 62 year-old was gay made the inference hit a nerve that he never quite recovered from. The boys then took great delight in daily accusations and knife twisting into an honourable but defenceless old man.

After several weeks Dr Stewart Logan finished his final sessions by deeply regressing Jimmy and implanting the thoughts that he only sexually desired older men – that he would seek them out, offer himself and get upset if he was rejected. Even though his wife may not want anything more to do with him, in future, he would want nothing more than to submit his taut, 34 year-old body for these men’s pleasure and enjoyment.

Unfortunately, Mr Hudson was long dead so couldn’t take up such an offer even if he’d wanted to, however, the doctor brought in a couple of his older, gay ex-patients  to see the reaction. It was a complete success for all concerned.

The court was pleased at the clear bill of health on all anger issues that the doctor had provided and had decided against the custodial sentence that had been hanging over Jimmy. The treatment was regarded as a success but nobody knew the real cost.  Jimmy was no longer the angry young man he used to be but on a totally, mind-boggling different level, he was proving to be an emotional but dedicated addition to the gay community.