Confession – The Work’s Loo

pg3pic4I was at work but taking a leak at the urinal the other day and while I was pissing I could hear a noise coming from an adjacent cubicle. I wasn’t sure what it was but the sound did remind me a bit of what I sound like when I’m ‘taking care of myself’.

I couldn’t believe that someone would be cracking one off in the work’s loo but got quite turned on while I listened to the sound of stifled excitement. My cock grew as whoever it was neared his orgasm and it didn’t take me long to reach my own climax after I heard him peak. I quickly shoved my cock back into my messy briefs as I didn’t want whoever it was knowing I knew what he was up to… or my response.

Howeverbusiness 25, I do realize that knowledge is power in an office, so I needed to get to know who it was doing the deed. I bent down to take a quick peek under the partition and check out whose shoes they were and was surprised to see two sets of footwear. I recognized a pair of trainers as those of the new young office post boy but despite looking at all the workforce’s feet for the rest of the week I never found out who he was in there with… and it’s killing me not knowing but also giving me plenty of night time thoughts… whilst keeping my hand busy.

One thought on “Confession – The Work’s Loo

  • March 9, 2015 at 1:26 pm

    Write a message on the back of the cubicle door,like if you want a good time phone,leave your number and see who phones it.You might never need to use your hand again.

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