Bent Fiction – The Body by Les Lea

tumblr_lyz9lehQwk1qf8mc7Let me introduce myself. I’m known as ‘The Body’, at least to my thousands of fans who watch me in the ring. My real name is unimportant. I’m a professional wrestler, ‘The Body’ is the name given to me by the promoters and if you’ve seen me in action you’ll know why. I’m gorgeous and I show no mercy.

I go out to win and win hard. I get my kicks from hurting and causing pain to my opponents. Of course I do no lasting harm to them unless by accident. The promoters just wouldn’t allow it. Many is the time I’ve had some one in a leg lock or arm lever and I’ve felt like going the whole way but I know I’d be banned for months and my livelihood depends on it.

The other night I was billed to fight ‘The Masked Menace’. The prospect of a bout between us two deadly rivals packed the venue, not that my name alone doesn’t attract the masses… my ego is big enough to know that it’s my name that matters. Anyway, at the last minute the M.C. announced that unfortunately my opponent couldn’t make it for one reason or another. Misfortune had nothing to do with it they had no intention of having him appear. It was just a con to get a few more punters in. Instead the M.C. announced a new youngster called ‘Golden Boy’ would be taking his place. There were boos from the crowd but what did it matter now that they had paid their entrance money.

A star like me has his own ‘dressing room’ and it was there that the promoter met me as I was getting ready to change. He asked me to go easy on the lad as he had only just turned professional and was still a bit green but they thought that he had huge ‘potential’.

“You know me,” I said with a forced smile, “I always treat them gently.”

“Yes I know’” he answered grimly, “but give him a break… I mean… a chance.”  He quickly corrected. “Make sure the bout lasts until round seven.”

I thought as long as he doesn’t rile me too much.

I changed into my wrestling gear, just some very tight shiny green trunks with ‘The Body’ written in white across the waistband. The broom cupboard, sorry, dressing room had a full length mirror and as always it was good to see the sight that struck terror into so many people, me. Tonight “Golden Boy” was going to taste that fear.

I heard cheering and applause.

It was ‘Golden Boy’ making his entrance. This was my first sight of him and I could see why the crowd was going berserk. He was wearing a gold satin jacket and matching trunks. As he climbed through he ropes I noticed his gorgeous arse with firm cheeks. I smiled at the thought of getting my hands on those before too long. The lad had short blond hair and was obviously a bit of a body-builder judging by the size of his shoulders and thighs. He removed the jacket and I was pleased to see his body was as I had anticipated. Nicely muscled biceps, full pecs and a tightly muscled abdomen. I had to tell myself to calm down I didn’t want to do myself an injury.

The M.C. announced our names. I got the usual catcalls and jeers and my opponent the cheers. The referee said the usual formalities and Goldies outstretched hand stayed that way as I studied his beautiful blue eyes.

“Pity your body wont look so perfect after I’ve finished with it.” I said with a mock grin.

“We’ll see,” he answered defiantly.

The bell went and the bout began. Golden Boy came out quickly and tried a few long-range moves – drop kicks that sort of thing. He knew that if he got too close that my strength would be too much for him so he concentrated on his speed. I didn’t mind. It gave me a chance to admire his body. It was perfect, almost a mirror image of mine, except not quite.  After a while I decided to show him who was boss and brought a forearm smash against his nose, then two more to his throat, which sent him reeling.

I thought it was about time to get a good look at his body at close range so I got him in a headlock and stretched him out on the canvas. His body was glistening with sweat and his abdomen muscles stood out prominently as he breathed heavily. The moves I made throughout the first three rounds were made so I could see and feel each part of his body. I did a few crutch holds so I could cop a feel of his cock and balls. They felt good. The third time I got that hold I felt the cock had grown some, but the bell saved him from further embarrassment.

The beginning of the fourth round I couldn’t last any longer and threw him down on his back and lay on him with my legs on his shoulders and my face buried between his enormous thighs. I got the fall easily but could have stayed there all evening, the smell of sweat and his cock driving me crazy. How I didn’t get a hard on I’ll never know. I did get a public warning for not releasing the hold immediately after the count but it was worth it. I’d got them for less in the past.

The next round I toyed around with him. I could have finished him off at any time but I was enjoying myself too much. He wasn’t a bad wrestler just not strong enough or in the same class as me. Suddenly, he took a flying drop kick at my chin which knocked me off my feet and through the ropes. The crowd went wild cheering for blood. I could see a glint in those blue eyes but my temper doesn’t allow me to look a fool. Anger filled me as I climbed back in the ring and I started a barrage of forearm smashes to his face, head butts and the occasional punch when I was blind side to the referee. His face was becoming red and towards the end of the round his nose was bleeding. He was beginning to look a mess. As I had him in a bear hug I whispered that his punishment had just begun.

“No more, no more,” he pleaded, “finish it off now.”

“What’s it worth?” I taunted as I twisted his arm further up his back.

“Anything, anything,” he cried through clenched teeth.

“An hour in my dressing room,” I wrenched his arm.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he screamed, “you can have me anyway.”

I let him fall to the ground then followed a little later with a kick to his back. Another public warning but it did mean that the ref. stopped the counting and gave the lad a chance to recover. As he got up a little dazed I grabbed him and threw him forwards into the ropes and as he bounced back I got him in a bearhug. As my cock twitched against those firm buns I told him to make it look good. He really had no option. He was too groggy so, with a quick forearm smash I followed him down for a pinfall. All over, I left the ring before being awarded the bout. The jeers followed me as well as some old harpy who’d been screaming at me throughout the contest

A couple of minutes after I got back to my dressing room Golden Boy appeared at the door. I asked him if he was feeling OK.

“A bit sore,” he said, “but I’ve enjoyed it anyway. I like a good beating now and then… it keeps me in my place.”

I nodded knowingly to myself and went and locked the door. I came up behind him admiring his strong back and put my arms around him. He stood there straight but passive. I gently bit his neck and ear then turned him round. His lips hungrily sought mine but I slowed him down and pushed him to his knees. My cock was rock hard. “OK Goldie let’s see how much of this you can take.”

As a wrestler he was good. As a cocksucker he was brilliant. His warm, moist mouth and lips moved up and down my shaft teasing, nibbling, sucking, licking, pulling, pushing and caressing. He took the lot and I felt his nose rubbing against my pubes. As good as he was I didn’t want to shoot my load there. Perhaps some other time. I lifted him to his feet. A little damp stain had appeared on the front of his straining gold satin briefs. I ordered him to get them off. He did as he was told immediately and his eight-inch golden dick pointed accusingly at me. A flash of defiance came into those eyes. “I’m sure you can cope with this,” he coaxed. I must admit I could quite easily have succumbed but I wasn’t ready to let Goldilocks have his own way… yet. I grabbed his cock and squeezed it hard taking him completely by surprise. “You’re not that good yet boy,” I said as I threw him to the floor. I’m used to following up quickly and before he knew what was happening I was straddling his sweaty back, yanking down those golden shorts and priming myself for the next move.

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