Bent Fiction – Barrack Room by Les Lea

snow patrolOK meatheads – Strip.

I said STRIP you morons.

Get those fucking clothes off NOW.

Don’t give me any bullshit.

I don’t care if it’s all too public… I said S.T.R.I.P so do as I fucking well say.

Come on… be quick about it.

Everything… yes even those cute little panties… you fucking arsewipe… when I tell you to do something you do it rightaway… without question.

Get the whole frigging lot OFF.

Spare me your dumb embarrassment.

Who the hell do you think will want to be looking at you?

No body… so drop them and drop them now.

That’s it… you’ll feel better when the fresh air gets to your bollocks.

Now stand up straight. I want to see some proud pricks on display.

Come on… inject that little thing with some loving thoughts… I want to see it hard, erect … pretend you babies are men.

Right spit in the palm of your hand – come on plenty of saliva.

Now rub it, stroke it, jack it, just get that cock pumping like you do when you think no one else is around.

There were six other recruits all in a line and we all did as we were told.

We’d only been in the Army a few weeks but we knew that this particular Corporal was an absolute bastard and it was best not to defy him in anyway.

After just a few minutes one of the guys released a huge spunky arc that landed on the Corporal’s boots.

He made that guy get down on his knees and lick them clean.

I have to admit that seeing his naked puckered hole winking at me made me shoot very quickly.

The problem was that the Corporal noticed and pulled me over a couple of days later in private.

I had to suck his dick for half an hour and just when he was about to cum, he turned me over and rammed his cock up my butt.

I took it but I was in agony… mind you… I think I’m going to enjoy army life.

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