Bent Fiction – Wrestler by Les Lea


His face was flushed and his mouth was gritted in fierce determination as he tried to fight back. I knew I was hurting him and I was confident to know that there was fuck all he could do to stop his torment. Well there was one thing but he wasn’t prepared to do that just yet. He was breathless under the strain of trying to dislodge me and fighting the pain he was so obviously in but I’ll give him this… he wasn’t prepared to go down without me having to work for what I wanted.

I was much more powerful than him and I could feel his strength being used up in futile attempts to manoeuvre himself into a better position; as if I was going to let that happen now I had him where I wanted him. My sweaty crotch pushed into his face and the mingling of my body fluids could now be tasted, as well as smelled, and very soon he would have to admit defeat by taking my cock down his throat.

I love wrestling. Not in a professional capacity but as an amateur and I’ve had my hands on some amazing specimens of manhood. Over the past few years the number of gay wrestling groups has increased and they are springing up all over the world, so you can spend all your free time traveling and getting to grips with some unbelievable pieces of prime man-meat. I’ve wrestled in public, in private, in the ring, on mats, in the bedroom but without doubt my favourite is wrestling in oil. Getting that final grip can be almost impossible as hands and fingers slip and slide over taut muscle, firm bulges and shiny smooth skin. Pitting your skill, endurance (and sneakiness) to pin your opponent down becomes of paramount importance as bodies grapple for superiority to win the bout and take the prize… especially if that prize is your opponents defeated, oil slicked and vulnerable body. Then the oil that has tormented you for so long as you tried to get that final but elusive submission hold becomes a friend. A slick dick, an even sweatier and oil lubed arse crack means instant admission whether they want to yield or not.

He submitted as he fought for air because my crotch covered his face and was almost suffocated. Biting wasn’t allowed, just strength, skill and cunning, alas for him, he’d run out of all three. He had to pay the forfeit and he sheepishly crawled onto all fours. His thin nylon trunks were almost transparent with sweat and oil as he wriggled his hips waiting for me to make my move. I love that view. A horny, sporty guy with his arse trembling, just waiting to be taken and my cock, bulging out of my own sweat-slicked pale blue Speedos was eager to take things further. My opponent was a new one for me so it was with immense satisfaction that I pulled down his briefs and left him trembling in anticipation on the mat. He’d felt my hardness pressed against his face now his arse was going to get the same treatment. My cock jerked a few times as it slid against his tightly knotted hole. I smiled to myself knowing that being that tight he was undoubtedly going to suffer once I started. I pressed several times and my slicked dick shot in all directions unable to make the penetration it desperately needed. Then I had a thought; spun him over onto his back, lifted his legs high in the air and let my tongue do some exploratory work. His tight arse eventually gave way to my gently probing tongue and the moment he was relaxing I took full advantage. My seven thick inches bulldozed a pathway up his shitter and embedded itself deep in his gut. The squeal and moans were delightful as I buggered deep and hard. He’ll have to get a lot more wrestling experience if he is ever to beat me and get his own back. I even tormented him with that thought as I kept on stuffing his spasming hole for the second time.