Confession: Footie Mate

My first time was with a mate. After playing football we were all muddy and went back to my place to shower. After that we changed and sat down in our white sox and undies and watched a straight porno DVD. 

It was pretty impressive and got us both hard as this fit guy was stuffing this woman with the biggest cock I’d ever seen. We were both playing with ourselves inside our pants when he whipped his out and told me to do the same. I couldn’t believe it. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, which took me by surprise but I wasn’t going to miss such an opportunity. Although I’d had feelings for him (and several of my team mates if the truth is known), I’d never acted on any of my desires. However, I was being coerced by someone else and I let it happen. He pulled my briefs down around my ankles, leaned over and went down on my dick. His warm mouth and eager tongue-work was fucking unbelievable but I managed to wrestle him to the floor so we could 69 for a while. I’d hardly got his cock in my mouth when he exploded and filled my gaping gob. It was such a turn on I filled his throat shortly after. After, we just pulled up our pants and turned off the TV and went for a drink as if nothing had happened. I could tell he wasn’t interested in talking about it but HELL, I just hope it will happen again… and soon.

 Mark, Southampton.     If you have a confession you’d like to share, send it to

One thought on “Confession: Footie Mate

  • September 15, 2015 at 10:31 pm

    Man I,m getting hard even of the thought of the 69r/mouthful of man juice.If he let you come in his mouth I,m sure he would have let you turn him over and ram your dick,right up that tight hairy arse of his and fill it full of man juice,until it came running down his legs.

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