Confession: Sex on tap

I’m a 35 year-old divorced guy and have just moved to this area. I went to the local pub and got chatting to the landlord who I was happy to see looked great; around 40, short cropped hair, built like a rugby player, very tanned, very sexy and very friendly.

He realized I’d just moved to the area and said that if I wanted to I could stay behind after closing for a few extra drinks. We got talking: I was telling him how frustrated I was now I’m divorced and he told me, as his wife was away, how horny and gagging for it he was. In a flirty way he said that I was just his type. Our eyes locked and I could tell he wasn’t kidding. I’m divorced for a reason, I like guys, so I wasn’t going to miss out on this kind of opportunity. We ended up in his bedroom shagging like rabbits. He must have been really missing his missus as he filled my arse three times in quick succession. I just hope he’s still as keen when his wife gets back.

Paul C, Merseyside

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