Confession – The Window Cleaner

I had a new window cleaner come the other day and I was happy to see that the new guy was young and fit. He looked very athletic as he bounded up and down the ladder and swung out to wipe the windows clean. On this first occasion, it was a hot summer’s day and he was only wearing a pair of small, tight, white satin shorts and a white t-shirt… not a bit like the old duffer who used to do the job who’d wheeze his way through the operation.

I was in the garden and occasionally walked past and got a perfect view up his shorts leg as he stretched out, high up the ladder to reach a particularly dirty spot on the glass. He was bloody gorgeous so I was wondering if this sexy package came at a premium and that the price of his workmanship had risen… not unlike my cock. It was a hot day so, when he came to the door to receive payment, I offered him a cooling drink, which he accepted. He stood in the kitchen looking horny and glowing from his exertions… what little he was wearing just seemed to fit him so well, even his thick leather utility belt that held his cleaning equipment just bolstered the image. The whole sight was just too much and I could feel my cock tenting out my shorts as we chatted. There was a shiny, silken lump in his shorts and I was hoping that he’d suggest we take it further. Unfortunately, he finished his drink, took his money and, as he turned to leave, thanked me for my friendliness and support for this, his new business venture. As he carried his bucket and ladder down the drive, his shiny bum made my dick burst in my pants. I didn’t even touch it but I was so wound up it was like some kind of blessed release. I hope to see him again in about a month’s time, when I hope my mucky windows will not be the only mucky thing he’ll get to clean.

David H, Leeds 

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