Bent Fiction – Virgin Territory by G Alexander

His butt muscle clenched spasmodically around the cock that was thrusting wildly into him. In the best of traditions, he was biting the pillow in an effort to stop himself from screaming out.

These secretive meetings in cheap hotel rooms had definitely been erotic. For Adam getting naked, playfully wrestling around on the bed, kissing, stroking, sucking and having another man’s semen pulsing into his mouth was just a brilliant way to end a day but now he was having the ultimate sexual experience he’d so longed for.

He used to complain about the lack of blowjob action he received from his wife. He’d do his best to make sure she was always satisfied but in return, she would just lie there, and it appeared from her lack of involvement, hoped that it would all soon be over. However, now she didn’t need to worry about that sexual obligation because these days his ‘secret life’; another man’s cock, willing mouth, tight body and an eagerness to please – supplied all his needs.

The first time it happened with another man he couldn’t believe it. He’d had thoughts about what it would be like with another male since he was young, but now that he realized his marriage wasn’t going to plan, and perhaps would never get any better, a trip to a gay sauna had given him a taste of what he really wanted. That first furtive, yet revealing, visit had turned into a regular excursion whenever he got the chance. He felt guilty and for a short while wondered if it was his fault. Maybe the reason for his wife’s lack of sexuality was she was picking up on his subconscious need for cock. Whatever the reason, he now knew what he wanted and was determined to get it.

After the first couple of visits to the sauna and a few spectacular and mind-blowing blowjobs, he’d wanted to experiment further. His mind was filled with thoughts of what it would eventually be like to take a cock up his butt. Something he’d hardly ever thought about, well, not since he was a teenager and had fancied the pants of his best mate Gary. As he grew up things changed, having a girlfriend and drifting into married (all his mates were doing the same) had altered his thought process on that score. After thirteen years of being with the same person, a woman who he wasn’t sure he ever loved but who he still regarded as his best friend, his emotions were in conflicted. However, he was 32 years-old, fit, handsome and… desperate to know what it felt like to be possessed by another man. The blowjobs had been fantastic and a great release on many occasions from the frustrations he didn’t want to bubble to the surface of his home life. So he made arrangements with a few of the guys to meet away from the sauna and had settled on a cheap hotel near where he worked. There were times he could meet for a quickie in his lunch break or a longer session after work but nothing that would delay him too much and raise suspicion from his missus and cause some awkward explaining.

So, here he was… biting the pillow and engaging in his desire to take things further. There had been a few aborted attempts at full penetration in the recent past and he was surprised at how much discomfort he’d felt and what a mess it all turned into. He wondered if it would ever happen, if he’d ever be able to cope, would he even enjoy it. That was until Thomas came on the scene and he knew that with this man things would be different.

Thomas, 10 years older and with loads of experience, made it happen. He spent a good hour getting the younger man ready… and wanting to receive. Kissing, cuddling, gently talking and encouraging, making him feel wanted, needed and totally safe. Meanwhile, the older man subtly inserted well-lubed fingers, gently working that tight little ring and getting him used to the sensation to follow. Thomas loved sex and loved initiating virgins into the ‘anal arts’ but mostly he loved the moans, groans and screams of his partner as he took that initial plunge. There was nothing altruistic about Thomas, he knew what he wanted and made sure he got it but he liked to take his partner with him on that joyous sexual ride.

Adam didn’t know what had hit him. That first, slow penetration had worried him but with stealth and encouragement he’d soon found himself full of Thomas’s considerable cock. Strange sounds were escaping his lips, whilst the tightness and anxiety he felt was slowly fucked out of him. He was surprised to find his own hips suddenly synch to the thrusts of Thomas. A feeling he had never experienced before took over his body and he heard himself begging the older man to be “harder”. He kept up the chant of “harder, harder, harder” as Thomas increased his speed and depth of penetration. Adam’s body was now  caught up in the sheer thrill of animal sex. He squealed, he moaned, he begged… he’d never done any of these things before and yet, at that moment, he could think of nothing else to do. Sensation after sensation thrilled his body and his mounting orgasm took control. Breathlessly he told Thomas of his orgasm by screaming at the top of his voice “I’m cooommmmmingggg”. Thomas rammed deeper and felt his cock in a tight orgasmic anal grip that sent an instant message to his own balls so at that moment he joined Adam in his breathless vocal appreciation.

Adam was unsure of the next move. In fact, he didn’t want to move at all in case the magic of what had just happened disappeared. His heartbeat began to slow down but he was still aware of Thomas’s cock imbedded and still slowly and gently thrusting inside him. He was still electrified and it all felt so wonderful. Later, when he was dressed and on his way back to his wife he wondered why the hell he’d waited so long. He thought he was ‘in love’ with Thomas but really he was ‘in love’ with his new found knowledge of what his body could do and how it made him feel. Now he was no longer a virgin… he was looking forward to experimenting some more.