Beds of the future

We all love our bedrooms….. In fact over two thirds of us (68%) have said this is the room we spend most of our time in. As the bedroom – and the bed in particular – increasingly becomes the ‘hub of the home’, we’re also very clear about what we want from the Bedroom of the Future.

 According to a survey for The Sleep Council, the top five features we would like to see are:

 1. Self-cleaning / bacteria resistant materials i.e. mattresses with self-sterilisation systems (47%)

 2. Heat/humidity adaptive materials i.e. mattresses that heat/cool in response to conditions (42%)

 3. Smart Bed monitoring your vital statistics as you sleep i.e a bed that can warn you if you have an infection, an oncoming cold or if you are about to have a heart attack etc (33%)

 4. Seasonally adaptive lighting i.e. lights that turn on during the darker winter months to help you wake up in the morning (32%)

 5. Energy-harvesting flooring and fixtures i.e. carpet that attracts the light and transfer this to useable energy (24%)

The Sleep Council survey also found:

• Surfing the net isn’t restricted to the office… 27% of us now use our desktop computers/laptops to surf the net in our bedrooms compared to only 11% 10 years ago

• Only 55% of us are intimate in our bedrooms with our partners, a 10% drop from 10 years ago (65%)

• Talking to our friends has never been easier…. 17% of us now like to talk on the phone in our bedrooms compared to only 10% 10 years ago

• 62% of 16 – 24 year olds like to eat in their bedrooms compared to only 22% of respondents overall…. in fact 16 – 24 year olds like to do most things in their rooms: 28% like to do hobbies/crafts (compared to only 8% overall); 76% like to listen to music (compared to only 36% overall); and 28% like to exercise (compared to only 12% overall)

• Reading is still one of our top bedroom activities coming out second (65%) in the things we do in our bedroom after sleeping.

Design scientist and futurist Melissa Sterry, a leading authority on the homes and cities of the future said of the survey results: “The message we’re getting is clear – while new science and technology presents many novel and interesting applications, the bedroom and the bed of the future that people actually want is that which benefits their health and wellbeing. Four out of the top five features the public chose for their future bedroom enhance comfort, mood and safety and three of the five features relate directly to the bed. So, no matter how many other activities we do in our bedrooms, it seems sleep is – and will remain – the most important of these.”