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Baby Time – A growing interest by Gordon Hopps

Over the past few months we here at Bent  have been surprised at the response to ‘Baby Geoffy’ – West Yorkshire’s confession to his love of nappies . It appears that baby Geoffy is not alone in his desire to regress back to his childhood and seek comfort wearing a nappy and acting ‘little’.

When I first received Baby Geoffy’s confession I assumed it was a one off and a bit quirky but hadn’t realised the interest that there was in this area of fetishism.  The term AB/DL was not one that I was all that aware of. I had come across the term before but had no great knowledge of the subject. However, even just a bit of research has thrown up an entire area of significance that appears to be growing.

While some people would laugh at the very idea there are those who simply love to wear nappies as often as they can with no great interest in the baby side of things – the Americans call these DL or Diaper Lovers. (I find that the British use the same term even though we call them nappies).  The feeling of bulk between their legs is often both sexual and reassuring.

I received a message from one ex-student who told me he got into wearing nappies while at university. He found the whole experience of his time as a student very stressful and to his embarrassment began to wet the bed, something he could never remember doing, even as a child. The remedy, and so he could sleep fairly peacefully at night, was to wear a disposable nappy. Soon he said he was wearing them all the time and oddly enough, that action, and the comfort he felt, had made him more at ease and less stressed.

Last year I remember reading in the main press that American soldiers wear ‘diapers’ when out on patrol in Afghanistan as a precaution. I can imagine that was a very good idea and that there wouldn’t be many people laughing at those tough guys in that situation.

There are of course others who are into the other two letters AB or Adult Baby.  These are the ones who would really prefer to be regressed or at least be looked after and treated as a baby. They go the whole 9-yards and want to wear their baby clothes all the time; nappies, romper suits, plastic pants and a host of other paraphernalia that lets them know they are totally reliant on ‘Daddy’ or ‘Mummy’.  Whilst it’s an escape for most, for others it’s a lifestyle and one, from the messages I have received, that quite a few people are now exploring.  They want to indulge in their  ‘little’ side. This is where having time to play is the most important. There are numerous sites across the net but take a look at ‘Little Boy Adventures’  ( ) and you’ll get the idea. He is a young man, wearing his nappy and who is more at peace as a kid than an adult, enjoying simple pleasures like cartoons, puzzles, Lego, and fluffy toy animals, while also pursuing a successful business. In a very real way, I envy his approach to his lifestyle. No apologies, well-adjusted and seems to be having loads and loads of fun.  What isn’t there to be envious about?