Confession – My Step Dad


I caught my step-dad Mike having a wank the other day when I called in to see my mum.

He’s fairly fit, 40ish, has a very big dick, over 9”, and I know mum seems a lot happier now than she was with my dad. However, on this occasion he was just sat on the stairs when I walked in, with his cock poking through his boxer shorts and he was giving it a loving early morning stroke. Although I don’t live at home any more, I am used to knocking and walking straight in as, after all, it used to be my home once, however, the front door opens up straight onto the staircase. On this occasion Mike, who looked like he’d just got up said mum had gone to the sales early.

He wasn’t even embarrassed when I walked in and he just smiled and carried on playing with the thing. He sat on the stairs, spread his legs wide and more or less invited me to join him. He knows I’m gay and he’s always been at ease with it (much better than my real dad’s reaction) and I was sorely tempted to play with such a solid piece of meat. He told me that he didn’t expect mum back until late afternoon but why not come in, take the weight off my feet and have a chat. I sat on the step below him making small talk about my partner Steve who had recently been really annoying me. I know I shouldn’t have been interested and I was trying my best not to look or comment on what I was seeing but I could feel his dick poking me in the neck. As I turned round to tell him to stop teasing me it ‘accidently’ slipped into my mouth… where it stayed until he shot his load about 15 minutes later.

Afterwards he patted my head, asked if I’d like a cuppa and, as he shoved his dick back into his boxers, walked off to the kitchen as if nothing had happened. I’m worried now in case he tells mum or makes me do it again with the threat of telling mum. I’m not sure what to do. I feel both sick and elated at the same time but the worry is getting to me and I keep thinking of him all the time. 

Thomas, Newcastle

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