Bent Fiction – Riding the Dolphin by Les Lea

Just come back off holiday and had a terrific time especially when I shagged one of the young dads that were staying at the same hotel as me.

His name was Keith… married to Michelle and with two kids… Joe aged six and Emma almost two. Now I don’t know if you know this but families on holidays these days have to take a load of stuff with them to keep the kids happy. Inflatables the size of battleships, water pistols that emit lethal high powered jets, buckets and spades and an assortment of toys that would keep a kindergarten happy for years… and that’s per child. Anyway, to cut a long story short, while Michelle and the kids were away one afternoon I managed to get into the supremely spunky Keith’s pants. He’d actually spotted me when I first arrived and knew immediately I was gay (or so he said) and was only waiting for a chance to chat to me privately. I’d spotted him as well as the only young father around the pool who wore tight Lycra swimming trunks (dark blue with a white trim) when all the others wore those big baggy efforts (with enough pockets to hold the supplies of an army).

As I was slowly pulling down his tight little swim shorts he said he’d liked the look of my tight body and the way I always paraded around in my shiny white adidas sprinter shorts… he loved the way they hugged my cock and arse. I had to return the compliment; his compact muscular little body was a complete turn on and his Lycra bound butt had been driving me mad ever since I’d arrived and seen him splashing around the pool. His trunks all wet, skin-tight and gleaming in the sun drew my attention and made me hard… but now… well… I wanted them off as I was going to stick my cock as far up his tight little chute as I could shove it. The exhibitionistic little twat had already decided that he wanted to be shagged over the balcony of his apartment… we weren’t overlooked at all but it was fairly public to passers-by. Still if that’s what he wanted… I was more than happy to supply it. Then I saw it… dominating the corner of the balcony… one of his kid’s huge inflatables. It was a large colourful plastic replica of a dolphin, huge head and small body disappearing to a short stumpy tail. “Over that you horny little sod,” I ordered. “and get that tight butt of yours in the air.” Perched over the animals head and facing the tail he didn’t have much option as the  shape forced his arse up and legs apart.  As he spread himself on the bouncy mammal, his small, hairless, pinky-brown hole awaited my rampant cock. Jesus… he looked like a horny little kid as he hugged the colourful beast and the smile of anticipation that spread over my face was as wide as that painted on the dolphin. A quick coating of suntan lotion and my cock pointed its way to that welcoming little hole… and I slipped in with ease. As I pushed up hard he squealed and moaned slightly and his arse muscle clamped down on my shaft. Well that set me off… I just love that clenching sensation and I set about slamming my cock hard into the young dad as he bobbed about on the inflated piece of plastic trying to stay balanced and trying not to scream too loudly. What a great shag he was. Eager and, even though he was hurting a little, keen to see the experience through. His balance was quite impressive especially as the sweat from our exertions, the plastic and the suntan lotion was creating one hell of a slippery surface. I was equally as impressive (even though I say it myself) as my thrusting got more intense and his little ‘whoops’ and screams melded with grunts, groans and pleadings. He was hanging on to the smiling dolphin for dear life as I battered that slippery little hole over and over again. I’m sure, had it been a little more private, he would have screamed the place down and begged for more as we both got off on the slurping, squeaky sounds from beneath him. He appeared to love taking dick as much as I loved giving it to him. I didn’t want to stop… and from the grin on its face the dolphin was enjoying the spectacle as well.