Bent Fiction – Hope Ali’s OK by Les Lea

 Illustration: Paul Newboult

 Now the kids have gone back to school me and my mates more or less have the place to ourselves. Not that we use this park that much but I’m back here now cos Ali has gone off to the hozi. He was just trickin’ – not thinkin’. He bailed out pretty bad, poor bugger, his knackers will have been smashed as he hit that rail. The kicker dint give him enough air as the wheels just clipped the fuckers and sent him flying. Mind you the follow through as he nutted the corner made quite a red mess. Called an ambo as he was out cold poor sod. Timbo has gone with him, Barney has gone home and I’m left here on my own.

 Hope Ali’s OK

Looks like he’s lost one of his Vans…. I haven’t told Ali this but… well… he really fuckin’ turns me on – big time. He’s half Indian and half English and as well as some pretty intense eyes… he’s fuckin’ stunnin’. All four of us just board non-stop ‘cept when we take a little smoke round at Timbo’s. He’s the only one who has a place of his own… none of us has a job yet. Three years since we left school and still no work… not that we’re looking… ‘though Ali’s under pressure to work for his dad but he says he can’t be arsed. I love his accent… yer that’s another thing ‘bout him… he makes me laff with his accent and jokes… and he has his boxers… fuck let me tell you… he’s got us all wearing these fuckin’ camo things… I think they were from his dad’s shop… I wouldn’t have been found dead in ‘em but… well… Ali looks pretty cool so we all have ‘em now. 

I hope Ali’s OK.

I’d better take Ali’s Vans… god they fuckin’ reek. Weeks and months of sweat and that thing fuckin stinks. Fuck… but it’s Ali’s smell. Oh yeah… a bit of Ali to myself. Jesus… I’m getting a stiffy just smelling his stink… fuck I’m a right perv… but mmmmm. I’ll just grab my dick and give it a playful… mmmmmm… that feels horny. Breathing in Ali and slowly wankin’ my cock… just feels right. Fuck… if the others could see me now they’d think I was… well I am… but they don’t need to know. I think Ali knows. He just seems to know every fuckin’ thing… I hope he does cos that way… I don’t have to pretend wiv him. Fuck… just think… if he did know… and me and him could get together???? Oh man that would be just… Christ my cock his throbbing like mad… I can feel the blood… ohh… that feels…

His trainer smells horny… I wouldn’t mind licking his toes… or his arse… or anything of his. Ohhhh fuck man… this is too much … my piss slit is leakin’… Jeeese… what a feelin’.

Ahh fuck Ali I hope you’re alright.

 The paramedic said he should be and Timbo is gonna let me know if owt needs sortin’. I’m going dizzy just sniffing Ali in. I’d really go for Ali fuckin’ my butt as he shoves both his Vans in my face… fuck that would be cool. Filling me arse as he fills my head. Fuckin’ Cool. I know he has a hell of a dick on him… cos I’ve snuk a look. He doesn’t care… his arse is pretty solid as well. Fuck man… I need to shoot pretty soon. Ohhh fuck Ali… you fuckin’… fuck God. Shove your dick right up me as I sniff your… oohhhh… ahhhh… eeeerrrrghgh. Fuck I didn’t…. eerghgh… expect that… ooohhhh that feels good.

GOD… Hope Ali’s OK.