Confession – My Mates Younger Brother

Here’s my confession

A while ago, I was staying overnight at my straight mates place when his younger brother came in having had a few too many drinks. My mate was fast asleep on the sofa so I went through to chat to his brother who had gone to his own bedroom. He’s such a sexy dude. He looked fantastic in his shirt and shorts that had become much more revealing as he fell onto the bed. I’d always got on well with him, in many ways I liked him better than his older brother and I knew he liked me. Well, we were both incredibly horny and one thing led to another, so he ended up with a mouthful of my cock. We were 69ing each other and I had a finger shoved right up his butt, so he was really getting into it. He gave the perfect blowjob and just as I was about to shoot in his mouth, my now wide-awake mate walked in and did one of those awful ‘stage’ coughs to get our attention. It was too late, I was already shooting down his brother’s throat but pulled out in surprise and shot a huge spunky load over the lad’s face. The stuff was just sliding down his cheek while he’d already swallowed the rest of the evidence. My mate was shocked and stormed out of the room and although I haven’t spoken to my mate since, I regularly shag his cuter younger brother.

Jordan, Sheffield

Photo: tumblr

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