Bent Fiction – The Boss’s Rough Justice by Les Lea

A while ago, I was at an all time low. At 23 years old I’d got myself into a ridiculous amount of debt and could see no way out of my predicament. The flash clothes and the other expensive gifts I’d lavished on myself had fulfilled an ego-boosting need in me… but only for a short while.

Now, I felt stupidly guilty about wasting so much money on stuff I didn’t need or want. I saw a short-term solution to my problems when I ‘borrowed’ some money from the works account. After all, I was a trusted employee and had access to all manner of finances within the company and had convinced myself I could pay it back before anyone noticed. Unfortunately, for me it was at a time when the firm was being audited and the boss re-checked the company accounts. The ‘missing’ amount was so obvious and so was the culprit. Consequently, to save a long process of denial I admitted what I’d done and the boss said he had no options but to fire me and call the police. I asked if there wasn’t an alternative as I was up to my eyes in debt and I couldn’t see another employer giving me a job if his references said that I’d stolen money from the company. I was desperate to keep my job and begged him, no I pleaded with him, to come up with an alternative to being sacked.

Mr. Phanasious thought for a while and said there was an alternative… indeed, an old-fashioned cure for what I’d done. He said he was prepared not to fire me if I agreed to his suggestion. The money was to be paid back instantly and if I couldn’t do that, my wage would be trimmed by 50% until the money was recovered. I agreed, as I knew that if he’d gone to the police I might have ended up with a record or even worse, sent to prison. I thanked him for being so understanding but he said that there was more. I was unbelievably relieved I could keep my job so I agreed that I’d do anything before knowing what the conditions were. He was very stern when he informed me that the only reason he wouldn’t go to the police was on the condition that I had to take six strokes with a cane across my bare bottom every night after work until the debt was paid. I was shocked. Even at school, I’d never received corporal punishment, my parents had never agreed with that form of chastisement either but now… well, I had no option, if this was the price I had to pay for my stupidity. Besides, when the alternative could mean prison, and what was said to go on in such places, I was probably getting off fairly easily.

I reluctantly agreed and hung around the office until everyone except Mr. Phanasious had left for the night. Once alone in his office he locked the door and told me to strip to just my underwear. I was nervous and apprehensive of what was about to happen. My Greek boss was a great deal bigger than me; six feet tall, hirsute and a body that any professional rugby player would be proud of… even if he was well into his 50s. He looked quite strong and more than capable of taking care of himself if anyone caused him any trouble. I was scared of what this powerfully built man could inflict on my body but, while almost naked and held in this older man’s gaze, strangely, I began to get aroused. He walked up behind me carrying a cane he’d retrieved from a cupboard, pulled my y-fronts down to my knees, and began to fondle my arse, cock and balls. I immediately got even harder and a strange thrill ran through my body. He then ordered me to bend over the end of the desk and shoved a finger up my unprotected hole. As I’ve said Mr. Phanasious is a big, tough, no-nonsense type of boss, I was at his mercy, and now, in this passive and vulnerable position, it was turning me on. Then I felt the first sting as he bought the cane down across my arse cheeks. I screamed blue murder as I hadn’t expected it to hurt so much or to be delivered with such force. After six cruel agonizing swats, which brought tears to my eyes, he told me my night’s punishment had only just begun. I was ordered to remain bent over the desk as he undid his own trousers and pulled out his thick Greek cock. With my arse on fire, he was quick to follow through with the second part of my punishment… although to be honest… I began to appreciate this version of my boss’s rough justice.

It’s now the third month of my sentence and I seem to have hardly paid off any of my debt… but the punishment and sex continues. Bizarrely, I’m beginning to love being the sex slave of this hulking brute of a man. Even though the punishment and sex are both painful I feel a connection, which of course may well be just in my head. His dick is huge and he shags with a ferocity and focus that always leaves me filled and sore but I appreciate the fact that he has taken the time to personally deal with my transgressions. In fact I’d say my whole personality and work performance has improved, although I no longer deal with any actual money these days, my concentration level and productivity have certainly increased. On payday each month my salary is docked the agreed amount but with interest on my ‘loan’, and the way things are going, I might never get to pay off my debt.
Photo: Courtesy Tumblr