Confession – Steam heat

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I’m confessing this… but I might also be bragging a little. I fulfilled one of my ambitions yesterday by getting my cock sucked to completion at my local gym. I’ve been going there for about a year and although I have chatted to many guys in the steam-room after a hectic work out, I’d never taken the chat to a fellow naked guy to that next level. Nevertheless, on this occasion the young lad immerging from the mist was obviously really horny and up for something as he came in and sat next to me. As we sweated his leg rubbed up against mine and he kept looking over to see my reaction. He let his towel slip to show he had a hard on and I did the same to reveal mine. His cock bounced a little as the blood pumped along it and mine reacted to the sight of his. He beat me to it and was on his knees sucking with no further invitation than that… I spent a nervous 10 minutes desperately hoping no one else would join us. I was so worked up he got a gob full of my spunk before we were interrupted and he had to pretend to be looking for something on the floor. We weren’t fooling anyone, especially as he had some of the stuff dribbling from the corner of his mouth but I can’t wait to see if he’s up for more when we next sit in the steam together.

Jason – Birmingham

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