Rita Ora has spoken about her personal experience within the music industry to highlight the importance of self-belief for teenagers. Produced exclusively by SB.TV, the powerful message is part of a series of videos to be shown on the leading online youth TV channel. SB.TV present the series in association with NCS, the unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that builds skills for work and life.

The joint venture highlights the importance of self-belief and confidence as the key to unlock potential and kick-start a better future for young people. Over the coming months, the specially recorded messages by Rita Ora, Ed Sheeran, Adam Deacon, Wretch 32, Krept & Konan and SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards share how self-belief made a difference to their lives and encourages 16-17 year olds to believe in themselves and make the right decisions at this life-defining age.

Shown for the first time today exclusively on SB.TV, the video is a personal insight into how self-belief has made a difference to Rita Ora’s life:
“It’s all about self-belief in this industry especially because you never know what the next door to open will be, you never know what your next track is gonna do or what your album’s going to sell,” says Rita. “It’s very unpredictable. During my journey I got signed at the age of 14 and people told me these things that just fall through. Yeah, I was broken, upset and hurt. But I always believed in myself. I always believed that one day I was meant to do this, someone would hear me. Self-belief is kind of the main thing if you want to get on, especially in this industry full of sharks.”

Now in its third year, NCS is a unique three-week residential programme packed with activities that help students build skills for work and life. With 30 hours of social action, during the school holidays, including action-packed residential time away from home where participants are able to bond with teammates over activities such as hiking, canoeing and climbing, NCS shows ways of developing personal and social skills as well as how to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others through social action projects.

NCS 2013 is now open to more 16 and 17 year olds than ever before. Over 26,000 young people participated in NCS in 2012. The programme continues to grow with up to 50,000 opportunities to get involved in 2013 and a total of up to 90,000 opportunities by 2014.

A recent poll by NCS revealed that 92% of 16 and 17 years olds who took part in NCS felt they’d had a ‘chance to develop useful skills for the future’ and 73% said they felt more confident about getting a job in the future.* NCS is an opportunity to learn skills that can’t always be learnt in the classroom.

With entry fees capped at £50 and bursaries available, every young person in England has the opportunity to participate regardless of background, experience or whether their strengths lie in sport, creativity or academics.

16 and 17 year olds across the country can fast-track their future and get involved with NCS by visiting www.facebook.com/ncs and signing up for this unique opportunity during the holidays.

The association with SB.TV also gives former NCS graduates the opportunity to have their say on the channel. Rebecca Brunskill from Liverpool is the second of six NCS graduates to take part:

2012 NCS Graduate Rebecca Brunskill said: “NCS has changed my life so much. Before I took part in the course I was very shy and would not take part in anything that involved public speaking. What I gained the most was confidence. My confidence has grown so much over the last summer. NCS has given me new skills and experiences I’m very grateful for. The NCS course in not just something to do so you are not bored in the 6 weeks summer holiday, it is about having a summer of a lifetime.”

It All Starts At Yes – make a life changing decision now: Sign up to NCS.

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