Confessions – Lorry Driver

I saw the Bent request for confessions and thought I’d add my own…

I love service stations. As a trucker I get a lot of opportunities to call in & visit the facilities & I do so even if I don’t need to piss. I get a thrill standing at the urinals with my knob hanging out, a stranger’s knob hanging next to me, as we eye each other sneakily, just checking. Fantastic. Also, the sex buzz I get from sitting in a urinal playing with my fat dick as I read the horny graffiti… or thinking about whose cock, encased in piss-stained pants, I’d recently had the pleasure of rubbing my tongue against.

Some of the crude toilet images & sex offers are such a huge turn on, for a guy alone on the road they become an exciting break & fantastic release during a boring long haul. Sometimes, I’m so frustrated that the missus doesn’t ever want to do any of the things the graffiti artist so crudely suggests, I can hardly get my pants down quick enough before I’m spurting my spunk around the stall. Disgusting I know… although when I’m not in there alone, other willing & receptive holes receive my endless supply of ball juice and  there are an awful lot of lorry and van drivers, from all over the world that share my fetish I can tell you. I’m sure the wife appreciates the work they do so she doesn’t have to.

Mark, Wolverhampton

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  • September 25, 2014 at 10:17 am

    Mark we appreciate all the loads we’re given and thanks to all the wives for making it happen

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