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Roll Deep

With ten years in the business behind them, English Grime collective Roll Deep are about to launch only their third studio release. The band, which has previously included hugely successful artists such as Tinchy Stryder and Dizzee Rascal, tells Ryan Houston the main concepts of their upcoming album
We touch quite a few bases on the album. We have songs about our relationships, work, after work, club life and uplifting music for when you’re feeling down. It was really important to create an album that could relate to so many different areas; it means there is something for everyone.
Is it something you think fans will enjoy?
Definitely, it’s a great feeling every time that you finish something you have been working on for a long time but, this album feels really good because of the history behind it. We have been together as a group for ten years so it’s really special knowing that we have made it this far. Not every group that forms is still around ten years later. We have put a lot of work into this album and we have travelled a long way since our first album. We are making really strong music and there is still more to come.
As a band you’ve worked with other artists, who has been the best person to collaborate or perform with?
Alesha Dixon was really good. She’s a great dancer and a really nice person, and we all perform really well together as a group as we have a lot of energy. If we had to pick anyone outside of Roll Deep it would be Jammer from Boy Better Know. We recorded a song called ‘Snakes and Madders’ produced by Scratchy on our latest mix tape NCS and performed it together at our launch party… he always puts on a good show.
 What are the plans for the group after the release?
Well the plan is to keep recording and putting out more music we have some great new singles done and we hope to be touring up and down the country again very soon.
The bands third studio album ‘X’ is release on 2nd October from Cooking Vinyl