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Bent Fiction – Kilts

By  DG

My partner and I were lying in bed the other morning when we got talking about what turns us both on. Not that this isn’t a regular topic of conversation but the previous night we’d watched a programme about Scotland and I commented on how sexy I thought the guys looked in their kilts. There was some kind of military tattoo going on, so the marching bands and soldiers all looked pretty hot in their traditional dress.
James, my partner, asked if it was the thought that all those guys weren’t wearing anything under their kilt that I found so exciting. I replied that I appreciated swinging genitals as much as the next homo but I found the idea of them actually wearing something covering those bits even more of a turn on. James thought for a moment and then started to list the things that he would find sexy.

He loved the idea of an entire regiment of hunky, young, fit soldiers wearing jock-straps under their kilts. He’s always had a thing about that particular piece of menswear. Then he got more excited as he thought about leather jocks… or shorts, or briefs… I could see his mind was beginning to work overtime as he was getting himself quite aroused. The mental image of the kilt swirling up to reveal leather undies… yep, that got him real excited. With the duvet cover thrown back revealing his sexy, lightly tanned, hunky body there was no denying the fact that his own white CK briefs were bulging at the thought. As he mused on the subject he absent-mindedly stroked his ever-growing cock through the soft thin material and was more excited than ever.

I let him get most of his thoughts off his chest before I countered with the fact that I’d like to see something a bit… well… kinkier. For a start, I wanted to tame all that bulging masculinity. Keep all that macho look on the outside but have them wearing a little pair of silky knickers underneath. Not that I’m particularly into feminine things but, pretty is pretty after all and, after some thought, I could see James liked the way my mind was going because his eyes suddenly lit up as he digested the idea. He was literally licking his lips as I told him how I’d like to put all the guys in different coloured satin or silk knickers so that the shiny fabric would grip and mould around their arses and cocks, emphasising their glossy bulging assets.
Think how much fun it would be to see a line of sexy, silky, colourful, tight-fitting briefs should a sudden gust of wind send their kilts a fluttering upwards. Mmmmm, now my mind was racing. I wanted to take the younger recruits, who would of course be equally as hunky but perhaps just not as macho, and slip them into nappies and cover them with frilly plastic pants. Why my mind should have gone down that route I have no idea. There was obviously some kink floating around the back of my mind that I wanted to explore and that thought, as weird as it seems, was turning me on more than I thought it would. As I continued to explain how each hunky soldier would look underneath his kilt, James was taking care of my raging hard-on. Soon I could no longer speak my thoughts as I was feeling the impact of his aggressive sexual arousal and finding that there was no better way to start a day than with a ‘stimulating conversation’.