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Wolf anniversary

Patrick Wolf is celebrating 10 years of making music with the release of the double-album, Sundark & Riverlight, featuring re-recordings of songs from his entire catalogue.
The album highlights Wolf’s skills as a songwriter, arranger and vocalist, recreating his catalogue which has delved from folk to pop to industrial over the course of five full-length albums. Instead of simply picking the songs which were released as singles from each full-length, Wolf chose the songs that he felt relevant to him today.  Said Wolf, “As a songwriter I realised that some songs take on a life of their own once released. I never knew that “Paris” from Lycanthropy would become such an anthem for my crowd. Often when I sing the songs live after they are recorded, new words or meanings come to light then I improvise depending on how I am feeling that night. I thought it was time after ten years to take a moment to understand and document what these songs have grown up to be while I’ve been travelling them around the world the last decade.”

Out: 25th September – Bloody Chamber Music/Essential Music.