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Messy Wrestling by Chris

With the Olympics looming on the horizon all eyes will be focused on the diving, track and field, rowing, cycling and a host of other sports that perhaps not everyone deems as interesting. We thought it time to give the people what they want.
The last oil wrestling video we filmed was very popular. We had several requests for “messy wrestling”, some people love mud; others requested jelly or food products such as gooey custard, yogurt and sticky jam.
OK we thought, we’ll give it a go and off to the supermarket we went. Browsing down the aisles, we found some large pots of custard; they varied in constancy, colour and flavour. Unsure of which type and gooeyness to select, we ended up getting six different tubs to test, as well as some large bottles of tomato ketchup and a bag of flour. I could see it was going to get very messy and sticky!
To start with… our sloshy chums had some fun together wrestling around pulling each other’s trunks off, which is always the best way to get to know a boy.
Then it was time to get messy… first the custard, then the tomato ketchup. These two substances aren’t a good mix, when wrestled/mixed together it resulted in a nasty, smelly, grey-looking gunge. However, it made their bodies slide around nicely and visually looked good to watch.
When they were resting and thinking it couldn’t get any worse, we added some flour to the boys. I’m sure if we had added a few eggs we could have made a nice batter mix and cooked some tasty pancakes!
Once the boys had finished their slippery tussling it was outside to shower off and a splash around in the hot tub. In addition, a few naked star-jumps in the sunshine and some silly daring gay-4-pay games is always good fun too.
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