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Points from Ultrasun Protection

Always apply sun protection to cool, clean, dry skin in the shade (ideally indoors) 15-20 minutes before going out into the sun. It’s important that this step is followed regardless of what sun cream brand you choose as if applied in direct sun-light it can evaporate before it has chance to bond with the skin and therefore becomes less effective. Make sure you apply enough, according to the Association of European Cosmetic Industry, it should be about one teaspoon worth for the face.

Avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm when it is at its strongest and risk of skin damage is high.

Take plenty of shade and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Beware the reflection factor – water, concrete, sand, snow etc can intensify the radiation up to 85%.

Use more sun protection if you skin isn’t used to the sun. It takes 10-20 days for your skin to become acclimatised and adjusted to the UV rays.

After sun-bathing the skin needs at least 12-14 hours regeneration time, so ensure that you use  a good quality aftersun product as this will help accelerate this process.

Use skin protection with an SPF20 or above, preferably free from oils, emulsifiers and fragrance as these are the main causes of allergic responses.

Remember the 3s rule – sunhat, shirt and sun-cream

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