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Bent Fiction – It’s my job – Part 2 By Les Lea



In this, the second piece on sexy young escort Sam, he tells us how he got into the business… and why he’s happy to stay in it.



I’m 19, 5’5” tall, short blond hair and have a tight little body and I got into this business quite by accident a few months ago. At the time, I had just left school with reasonable grades but like so many others had no job. However, I was a keen sportsman and was determined to keep up the fitness regime that I’d started as a student and as I couldn’t afford a gym membership, got my exercise from pounding the streets. On this particular night I was on my usual 10 mile run when, in a secluded wooded area, I decided to take a pee. As it was, another runner saw me slip behind the trees, away from prying eyes, and decided to join me. I was in mid-flow when he made himself known. Up until the moment he coughed, I had no idea I was not alone, so, suddenly alerted I turned and saw a rather nice looking tall guy rubbing the front off his shorts. I was startled and just a little bit scared as he was a lot bigger than me. He had very short-cropped hair and I could just make out a glint of a stud in his left ear. He looked huge and despite being more than a little fazed by his sudden, unbidden appearance, standing in his shorts and sweaty t-shirt, he looked incredibly sexy. To infer I was a sexual innocent wouldn’t have been true, I had my fantasies and wanked madly in bed thinking about various men indulging my youthful whims but the thought of doing anything in public was something I had never contemplated. He had no such worries, and pulled a respectably sized dick from behind his shorts while advancing on me. I was slow to react so he helped make up my mind by pushing down on my shoulders and ‘inviting’ me to gobble his dick. He told me not to be chicken (even though I was in both senses of the term) and he kept up a stream of encouraging comments. He partly talked and partly forced me to take his cock in my mouth and once there, well.. I immediately got into giving him what he wanted. Although I’d dreamed of having a man’s cock in my mouth and, to some degree, up my bum, it had never got past the thinking stage. The idea of actually doing anything was, until that moment, far off in my fantasized future. But here it was, the opportunity to change my dreams into reality, whilst his sexy encouragement made me go for it. I was absentmindedly rubbing my own cock through the silky material of my shiny shorts when he said he had a better idea. He pulled me to my feet (I innocently thought he wanted to kiss me) but instead turned me around, pushed me over a low hanging tree branch, pulled down my shorts and shoved his dick up my naked virgin arse. I had made his cock a bit wet with spit and he’d deposited some spit in my hole with his fingers but it was a painful experience as he shoved it in quickly. He shagged me hard but because we were out in public, even though it was dark and I suspected that there was no one else around, I stifled my screams of pain and anguish for fear of attracting attention. He wasn’t quite as shy in letting anyone who was listening know how much he was enjoying himself. As I squirmed, he penetrated me further, keeping up a running commentary on how much his cock was loving what was happening, letting me know when to tighten and relax my arse more than it was apparently doing without me being aware of it. As he battered my butt he sang my praises and praised the lord.  I was in shock and in pain and yet…



When he came he let out a roar of release, which was followed by heavy breathing as he lay exhausted across my back. My arse stung, while my stomach and stiff cock were bruised from the hammering they had taken being banged up against that hard wooden branch. However, despite my shocked and confused state about the speed at what had just taken place he seemed very happy and satisfied. He held me tightly in an inescapable embrace until his dick had stopped spasming in my hole then he slowly withdrew and told me what a fantastic arse I had. To him it seemed that he’d done nothing wrong. To me, well I’d just been assaulted and fucked for the first time and I was… well… a bit confused as to what had just taken place. He was all smiles and full of friendliness when he asked if I had a job, to which I shook my head. He then asked if I wanted one, to which I nodded ‘yes’. I didn’t think to ask him what the job was when he handed me a card he took from a small knapsack that had been on his back the whole time and told me to call him the following day around noon. He hoisted his spent cock back behind his shorts and after the briefest of sexy smiles, said thanks and jogged off. I felt used and wasted but I did notice as I pulled up my tight little shorts just how sticky they were from where I’d shot all over them and surprisingly, I had never felt more alive than I did at that moment.


The following day my arse was sore but I still had his card and was intrigued to find out what kind of job he was offering. At noon, I called ‘Steve’, by 1pm, I had met with him and by 1.30pm, such were his persuasive powers that I was being stuffed by an executive from Antwerp in a hotel room in the city centre. Steve had explained that it was easy money. After all, he reasoned, the previous night I’d given it away, so why not make some money out of it as I’d obviously enjoyed it. Why I agreed so easily I have no idea but by 3.30pm, a Mr Ombarmah, a salesman from Kenya, in a room two floors down from my original client (how quickly I got into the terminology) was screwing me but this time… I was feeling every inch of his thick 10-inch cock, the complete opposite of Mr Antwerp’s thoughtful, gentle fuck. I think I coped with him very well and sort of… enjoyed it all. Well, perhaps enjoyed is not the correct word here but, both physically and mentally, buttons were being pushed which I reacted positively to. The money that I walked (albeit tentatively) away with by the end of the day was more than I could have made in a week doing a 9 to 5 job in an office and for me… that was very positive.


Any person who has in any way been affected by this story and has any worries about their own situation should contact the Blast Project.  http://mesmac.co.uk/blast