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MOST WANTED By Alex Wiggan


Boy bands are hot property right now, especially in the good ol’ US of A, where twink pop stars One Direction are trailblazing their way across the charts. However, hot on the heels of the former X Factor contestants are man candy heartthrobs The Wanted; a group that are notching up a quite few hits themselves. As well as being a bit more rugged in the looks department than the 1-D boys, The Wanted are also a bit more outspoken when it comes to dishing the dirt on other celebs. Both Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears have recently been on the receiving end of a few of The Wanted’s discussions about the music industry and this just makes us love them even more. But, with so many good looking lads in the band it’s difficult to decide who is worth fantasising about. Well thankfully we’ve got a handy little guide to help you find the correct member of The Wanted that’s right for you!



Max George


Best feature: Shaved head and stubble


Physical attributes: Looks like a well-dressed scally


Most notable contribution to pop: Erm… he looks like a well-dressed scally and he sings, isn’t that enough?


Reason why he’s the one for you: Butch beef-cake and Manchester lad Max George looks like the kind of boy that would know exactly what to do in the bedroom, bathroom and over the car bonnet.


Phwoar-o-meter rating: 10/10 – He’d get it!



Siva Kaneswaran


Best feature: Cheek bones to die for


Physical attributes: Tall, slim and beautiful


Most notable contribution to pop: Er… who cares, he’s hot!


Reason why he’s the one for you: Former model Siva Kaneswaran knows how to parade around in his underwear whilst looking mighty fine and what’s better than having a man do that for you? Oh wait, forgot to mention he has a twin brother too!


Phwoar-o-meter rating: 9/10 – Catwalk charisma!




Tom Parker


Best feature: Eyebrows


Physical attributes: Hunky


Most notable contribution to pop: Called Christina a bitch! (Although he later said he regretted it)


Reason why he’s the one for you: Invite him over to yours and get him to dish the dirt on all of those celebs. Then reward him with a quick fumble for spilling the beans.


Phwoar-o-meter rating: 8/10 – Rumble-tumble-fumble!




Jay McGuiness


Best feature: Curly hair


Physical attributes: Looks a bit like a fit mate. A fit mate you’d want to touch inappropriately.


Most notable contribution to pop: Er… his curly hair?


Reason why he’s the one for you: With his ‘boy next door’ good looks Jay McGuiness seems the sort of lad that would lend you a cup of sugar before inviting you in for a cup of coffee and a quickie. Take him up on the offer.


Phwoar-o-meter rating: 8/10 – Sweet-treat!




Nathan Sykes


Best feature: His twink-like face


Physical attributes: Looks like a twink


Most notable contribution to pop: Looks like a twink


Reason why he’s the one for you: Erm… he looks like a twink. That reason pretty much speaks for itself.


Phwoar-o-meter rating: No time to score him, too busy fantasising about him!