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Look Out – Queers at the Fringe

Andrew Doyle
Andrew Doyle’s stand-up was recently described by one critic as “a crash course in depravity”. He took this as a compliment, and has used it as the starting point for his debut solo show at the Fringe.
Moral degeneracy has never been so funny. Join him for this rather extraordinary journey through the darker side of human nature. With his typically cerebral bitchiness, he’ll cover topics such as murder, sadism, terrorism, deviant sexuality, and Coleen Nolan. He’ll be sharing rather too much, but it’s all in the name of self-improvement. After all, he wants to confront his own vices and – who knows? – maybe he’ll ask the audience to confront a few of theirs.

Just The Tonic at The Store (formerly the GRV) 6.20pm 4th – 28th August (not 16th)

Scott Capurro
Award-winning comic Scott Capurro returns to the Fringe with the world premiere of his new show Who are the Jocks?, a comedy about loss and cocaine. In it Scott examines, in one hour, middle age angst and the death of his mother, Donna. She’s in a jar, while Capurro is in Cardiff coping with grief and monitoring his anti-depressants. When his comedy set unhinges an abusive audience member, Capurro reflects on the rocky path that led to his near strangulation by a Welsh closet case.

Meanwhile, in another venue, Scott adopts ‘the position’, which promises scintillating chat, along with fantastic musical numbers and a signature style that leaves no sacred cow un-skewered. Capurro deploys his coruscating charm to draw-out the most personal revelations from his guests about their lives, their careers and their ambitions. It’s both side-splittingly funny and incredibly astute.
Who are the Jocks? – Pleasance Dome – Ace Dome 8.00pm 5th-29th August
Scott Capurro’s Position – Gilded Balloon – Wine Bar 4.15pm 3rd-29th August

The Ballad of the Unbeatable Hearts
On perhaps a more challenging note, Richard Fry, whose previous track record at the Fringe include: Bully, Smiler & Homo Asbo (each with rave reviews) presents his latest production – The Ballad of the Unbeatable Hearts
Suicide is the leading cause of death among young men in the UK yet the body count goes relatively unreported. Young gay men are three more times more likely to kill themselves than their heterosexual peers.
What would happen if we saved these brilliant young men? If we harnessed their talents and their energy? What if we gave them a reason or a focus? What can we learn from religious extremists? They find vulnerable young men and brainwash them to blow people up. What if someone helped and encouraged vulnerable young men to go out and do good in the world?
One man did. He founded The Unbeatable Hearts. Come and find out how a group of young men changed the course of the world forever.
Venue: Gilded Balloon Teviot – The Turret 12.15 3-29th August
Photo: Steve Ullathorn

Meanwhile, every Sunday throughout August the New Town Bar in Edinburgh organises a FUNdraisers to tie in the Fringe Festival. They have acts who perform, free of charge, to entertain the customers and also raise funds for Waverley Care. In the past they have had acts such as Jo Caulfield, Steven K Amos, 4 Poofs and A Piano, Ava Vidal and Jo Jo Sutherland. This year’s hosts are Scottish Comedian of the Year Scott Agnew and Australian export, Bob Downe. Get along there, have a laugh and help raise some money for a worthy cause.

New Town Bar, 26b Dublin Street, Edinburgh. EH3 6NN Tel: 0131 538 7775