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May – Editor’s words


I know I should be angry with the Pope’s right hand ‘hench’man Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, claiming that the Catholic Church’s paedophilia problem is down to us gays… but I’m not. What do you expect from an organization which has turned a blind eye to these criminal going-on for centuries? Whereas before, the church’s word was sacrosanct, now they are being scrutinised and they desperately need a scapegoat. The Cardinal is only saying what the rest of the world is thinking… right? Well no actually. A group of UK bishops issued a rebuttal to his comments. Father Marcus Stock, general secretary of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, said: “There is no empirical data which concludes that sexual orientation is connected to child sexual abuse. The consensus among researchers is that the sexual abuse of children is not a question of sexual ‘orientation’, whether heterosexual or homosexual, but of a disordered attraction or ‘fixation’.” In other words – Hey… the nut job in the papal frock – you’re wrong.

The church – and I’m happy to include most religions in this – is corrupt. They rely on the stupid and gullible to follow their doctrine blindly (see various religious spoutings from many African bishops in recent years) no sense, no thought process, just blind hate… and the desire for some kind of power over other more vulnerable people (does this ring any bells Catholic Church?). But, while we’re filling you with that hate, spite and misinformation, we’ll also pick your pockets (sorry, we’ll pass the hat round in celebration of God’s love) in the process.

Meanwhile, talking of God’s love, apparently homophobic B&B owners have the backing of Tory shadow home secretary Chris Grayling who has suggested that they should have the right to bar gay couples and said this was “endorsed by David Cameron”. Surely, not the man who has so passionately fought for the gay vote? So much for the Equality Act… as I think I’ve said before… some are more equal than others! Just goes to show doesn’t it, while the gay community calls for equality for all, the church calls for ‘special’ exclusions. What a turn around that is.

OK, I know all that is very depressing but here are a few positives to finish on. Rugby star Gareth Thomas, at the recent Stonewall Fundraiser said: “Only six months ago I didn’t believe I had the strength to be openly gay. Now I have. We only have one life and I need to live it. All my achievements on the rugby field fade into insignificance compared to coming out.”


While after years of denial (and possibly one of the worst kept secrets in show business), singer, and father of twins, Ricky Martin has finally admitted that all those rumours were true. He posted a message on his website which said: “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.” You can see his latest video for My Skin Talks, on YouTube, where we see our boy naked save for computer-generated tattoos and a strategically-placed shadow. The video shows the Puerto Rican singer waking up and coming to life as message such as “find yourself” and “change your life” appear on his skin.


The fabulous Scissor Sisters are set to return with a new album next month and have enlisted Lord Of The Rings star Sir Ian McKellen to add some magic to their upcoming album. His Sir-ship has recorded a monologue for the band, which will be used in a song on their new album Night Work. I just can’t wait to see them all touring together… I wonder who’d get top billing?