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Me, as a penguin

Me As A Penguin Image-1

What do you get when you cross a slightly nervous gay young man with an aquarium full of penguins, a heavily pregnant sister and her sofa-loving boyfriend?

‘Two lesbians who keep tropical fish and a paedophile ring – they think that’s enough for a seaside town, but it’s not for everyone is it? It’s not for me.’ Sick of the tiny seaside town he grew up in, Stitch has decided to hit the gay scene of Hull. Or at least to dip his toe in the water while staying with heavily pregnant sister Liz and her shabby sofa loving partner Mark. But why won’t Stitch let anyone into the bathroom even though Liz is dying for a pee? And who is the man in the giant penguin costume?

Arcola Theatre, London – 27 April -22 May  (020 7503 1646,

The Octagon, Hull – 24 May (01482 387490,

The Lowry, Salford Quays – 27-29 May (0843 208 6000, )

West Yorkshire Playhouse – 10-12 June (0113 213 7700,