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Tabata Interval Workout

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Hey everyone, I’m gonna tell you about one of the most popular interval workouts among Strength Coaches, PT’s and Exercise Enthusiasts it’s called “the Tabata Interval Workout”.

It’s a high intensity interval training method originally created by Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata. Put simply, the Tabata interval workout is one the best cardio/metabolic conditioning workouts every discovered because its simple to understand and easy to apply.

With only 8 minutes of cardio on any piece of cardio equipment (give or take) 2-3 times per week, you can turn your body into a fat-burning machine that will outlast all comers!

The original Tabata workout consists of the following:

5 minutes of warm-up

8 intervals of 20 seconds all-out intensity cardio exercise (treadmill, rower, bike etc) followed by 10 seconds of rest

2 minutes cool-down

Now, you will need to gradually build up your ability to successfully complete the full Tabata without loosing intensity, overtraining or puking every workout. Therefore, I never start clients out from day one doing the Tabata workout the way it is typically described above.

Many people don’t realize it but, if you research the Tabata workout online, the original study conducted at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan used highly-trained endurance athletes in peak physical condition.

Now, because most people are not highly-trained endurance athletes, it’s important to utilize a progressive approach to increasing fitness level and work capacity to accommodate this workout. This is especially important when training power based athletes or working simply to improve overall fitness.

So, to help you train smarter, harder and safer, I’m going to provide you with a 12 week progression for using the Tabata Interval workout.

In the chart below, you will see figures that look like this – 10/20 x6.

The first number listed is the work (exercise) interval in seconds (ex: 10 =10 seconds). The second number listed is the rest interval in seconds (ex: 20 = 20 seconds). The last figure represents the number of rounds you will perform of the given interval (ex: x6 = perform 6 rounds).

Put simply – 10/20 x6 = 10 seconds work / 20 seconds rest x6 rounds

OK, now that you understand how to read the chart below. Here is my 12 week Tabata interval workout Progression.

12 Week Tabata Workout Progression – on any piece of cardio equipment

wk.1 10/20 x6

wk.2 10/20 x7

wk.3 10/20 x8

wk.4 15/15 x5

wk.5 15/15 x6

wk.6 15/15 x7

wk.7 15/15 x8

wk.8 20/10 x4

wk.9 20/10 x5

wk.10 20/10 x6

wk.11 20/10 x7

wk.12 20/10 x8

Hope you enjoy doing it.

Good luck!

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