Movie Buzz April 2008

article_image-36.phpThe wait is almost over. Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed her Carrier is “fundamentally changed” in Sex And The City: The Movie. The 42-year-old actress says Carrier is drastically different, because the film picks up a few years after where the TV show left off. How different? – find out end of May. 

One of the most anticipated blockbusters of summer has finally had its trailer released and Edwards Norton’s Incredible Hunk looks greener and meaner than ever!

Talking of incredible trailers, the latest Speed Racer trailer starring hottie Emile Hirsch is incredible. The Wachowski brother’s live action film is full of frenetic driving-action sequences that may make this the movie of the year. 

Johnny Depp is not only looking for a screenwriter to pen a treatment of a Salvador Dali biopic, in which he’s eager to star, but is even holding open auditions. Says the New Zealand Herald, he’s “open to working with anyone — from housewives to pensioners — if the script is right.” 

It’s a bird, it’s a plane … it’s a job for Brandon Routh. If you thought Superman Returns was too big a flop for a sequel, gay director Bryan Singer apparently thinks you’re wrong. The director has confirmed that, in fact, he’s at work on a sequel. 

Despite the stories recently a fourth Bourne movie seem to be a foregone conclusion, star Matt Damon and Bourne Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass say it isn’t so. 

Ben Stiller’s next comedy Tropic Thunder is jam-packed with celeb stars including Robert Downey Jr and Jack Black – the trailer for the movie, which was sparked by Stiller’s small role in the Steven Spielberg-directed WWII drama Empire of the Sun – features cameos by Tom Cruise and Toby Maguire. 

Meanwhile, action star The Rock is going to play a superhero of sorts in The Tooth Fairy, about a guy called in to save the “tooth fairy kingdom.”

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