Daddy Diddy


Diddy and his girlfriend Kim Porter became the proud parents of twin girls on Thursday morning (21.12.06).

The first arrived at 7.56am weighing 5lbs and the second arrived two minutes later weighing 5lbs 4oz.

A tired looking Diddy – real name Sean Combs – told fans about the new arrivals via a video posted on his MySpace webpage.

He said: “I am your friendly intentional superstar, queen and princess maker.

“Today is a special occasion. God is the greatest, he has blessed me and my girlfriend Kim, and the world, with two beautiful baby girls.

“We are proud to announce we are naming them after our beloved grandmothers. Kim’s grandmother’s name is Lila Star. My grandmother’s name was Jessie Smalls. So please welcome to the world D’Lila Star Combs and Jessie James Combs. World you better watch out. I want to wish you all a happy holiday. But this is about the kids – I’m going back in there.”