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American Connection 2

American Connection 2 LIVING A ROCKSTAR LIFE… In South Beach, Miami By Randy Myers “South Beach is a playground for celebrities and fashionistas,” proclaims designer Prashant Thakker of the city that inspires his swim brand, Rockstar Swimwear.   “It exudes sexiness and glamour.” His designs aim to unleash ... [Read more]

Do not aVOId

Do not aVOId Successfully cashing in on its reputation as a trendy jeans brand name VOI have delved into the fragrance market and come up with a winner. The fun and stylish bottle reflects the brand; dressed in a denim sleeve with pocket detail and fly zip fastener, the fragrance immediately captures you with ... [Read more]

The Time is Bright

The Time is Bright Nu Pop Movement watches are the most sought after wrist adornment characterised by eye-catching, oversized cases, vivid colours, and analogue digital movement: urban geek chic for celebrities and those in the know. From £17.99 - £315

Gay Rites      by Beyonce

Gay Rites by Beyonce It's a been a funny few months for gay folk. We've had a rugby player come out as gay. We've had a tabloid columnist effectively say Stephen Gately's homosexuality killed him (as though his cock leapt to his throat and throttled him). We've had proposals tabled in the House of Lords to allow gay ... [Read more]