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DOLLY PARTON’S BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW MUSICAL 9 To 5: The Musical, the new musical comedy based on the hit movie 9 To 5, tours the UK bringing an all-star cast and a score written by Country Queen Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton starred in the 1979 film and wrote and performed the title song. Now having written the music and lyrics for the stage ... [Read more]


BENT ON… DOLLY By Alex Wiggan Boobs. Big boobs. That’s what instantly pops into your mind when someone mentions the name Dolly Parton; isn’t it? Now Big boobs may not be the body parts that usually crop up on your radar, unless of course you’re into guys with a little on top, but it’s certainly something ... [Read more]

It’s a little bit Country

It’s a little bit Country McKendree is an openly gay singer who was successfully making country music from his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Being the heart of the bible belt you can only imagine how 'distasteful' his peers saw him in the industry and he received offers of salvation etc from bible nutters.  Needless ... [Read more]