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Sleeping Bag Suit

Sleeping Bag Suit OK, it has been described as the next ‘big thing’. Where once the onesie was the best piece of equipment for lounging around, now the Selkbag is destined to be the most desirable bit of kit for those who are active. There’s nothing better than feeling totally warm as you curl up in your tent ... [Read more]

Forget Camping, Let’s Go Glamping! – By Simon Savidge

Forget Camping, Let’s Go Glamping! – By Simon Savidge If your idea of camping is sitting bored and miserable in a field, stressing about tent-poles and the like then have you thought of a glamorous equivalent that is becoming very popular… Glamping! Simon Savidge found himself in the depths of a wood in Surrey to find out more. Despite what many ... [Read more]

Bent Fiction –  And the Gods smiled down

Bent Fiction – And the Gods smiled down And the Gods smiled down      By Les Lea Cam and Darryl had been best mates since they were kids. They had gone through nursery, junior and high school together and more or less lived at each others houses. They were so close and looked so similar that many people thought they were brothers ... [Read more]

Bent on… Uniforms.

Bent on… Uniforms. By Adam Lowe. From the sailor boy on Jean-Paul Gaultier's Le Male aftershave to the plethora of strippers dressed as firemen, police officers or doctors, queer culture has a particular interest in uniform… after all, we were responsible for the Village People weren’t we? We at Bent ... [Read more]