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Ten things to do during the World Cup

Ten things to do during the World Cup With the imminent start of yet more football on TV you might find that you need a bit of a diversion. We’ve all been there. We’re not quite as enthusiastic as our partner is about something. It could be fashion, Kylie, Eurovision, his favourite bar, choice of aftershave or even his friends… but ... [Read more]

Bent Fiction – A Night To Remember by Les Lea

Bent Fiction – A Night To Remember by Les Lea I awoke to see a dull light behind the curtains. My eyes focused on the red display of the digital clock - ten twenty, a moments panic hit me but soon departed as I realised it was Saturday and not a work day. All that happened in a glance, and then my eyes fell upon the head resting against my ... [Read more]

Terrific Torremolinos

Terrific Torremolinos Roll over Gran Can, make way Sitges! Adrian Gillan has his preconceptions shattered in overwhelmingly gay-bloke-teeming Torremolinos – Spain’s “big gay secret”! Inland hills swoop down to an old town, itself nestled on cliffs above Mediterranean beaches! Jewel of the Costa del Sol, just ... [Read more]

Ibiza Geezer! – By Adrian Gillan

Ibiza Geezer! – By Adrian Gillan Already mad about Mallorca and Menorca, Adrian Gillan samples that gayest of Balearics: Ibiza! It attracted artists in the 50s, hippies in the 60s, the jet-set in the 70s and clubbers in the 80s and 90s. 150 miles south of Barcelona, the Spanish, Catalan-speaking Mediterranean island of Ibiza is ... [Read more]

Man Trav – Ibiza

Man Trav – Ibiza There are two busy gay nude beaches in Ibiza: Es Cavallet (exclusively gay) and Las Salinas. Both are located south of Ibiza town. You can reach the beach by bus that leaves from Ibiza Town every 30 minutes. The gay scene in Ibiza is mostly geared to gay males, but some of the bars are mixed. Most ... [Read more]

Fantastic Fuerteventura!

Fantastic Fuerteventura! Loved Lanzarote? Tried Tenerife? Done Gran Can? Adrian Gillan samples that other volcanic Atlantic Spanish island idyll off the African coast: glorious Fuerteventura! It might not be the biggest Canary – it’s second to Tenerife on that count – but Fuerteventura is definitely the longest, measuring ... [Read more]

Queer Crete!

Queer Crete! Role over Rhodes and make way Mykonos! Adrian Gillan hits Crete - birthplace of Zeus; and the Minotaur! By far Greece’s largest island, covering 3,200 square miles, Crete lies just 125 miles north of the African coast, with a resident population of around 700,000. The glories of the mighty Minoan ... [Read more]