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Billie Ray Martin

Billie Ray Martin Iconic, diva… failed star Billie Ray Martin, best known for her work in Electribe 101 and her smasheroo  hit 'Your loving Arms'  is about to release her new project from the new Electronic Duo 'The Opiates'.  The album called "Hollywood under the Knife' is scheduled for release in October and ... [Read more]

Big Freedia

Big Freedia 'AZZ EVERYWHERE' Big Freedia is the undisputed "Queen Diva" of Bounce Music, and performs six or more times a week in various venues throughout her home town of New Orleans. Big Freedia, like other "Sissy" artists, has achieved mainstream success with several New Orleans hit singles such as "Gin ... [Read more]
TEN WARNING SIGNS THAT YOU’RE GETTING OLDER You prefer a night in with a cup of tea and your Dinnerladies DVD to going out. It reaches 9 o'clock and you just can't be bothered. Disco naps are sure sign you won't get out of bed at all, and a shot of espresso gets your heart pounding like a speaker at a German techno night. Instead you fold ... [Read more]

Twenty Twenty

Twenty Twenty Twenty Twenty? You know Bent cannot refuse a pretty face… or in this case… three pretty faces as boyband Twenty Twenty release their latest single on three CDs; you can choose between Sam, Jack or Sonny artwork and three brand new bonus tracks. The song ‘Move It’, is a noisy, feel good single ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog

Johan’s Blog I love the “Pride” season. After all, it means it’s summer – and that means cute guys and sex! Over the last few weeks I’ve been to a lot of “Prides” – Vienna, Munich, Hamburg, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and Cologne to name but a few. Why, even Prague has had its very first gay ... [Read more]

Shooting first thing in the morning!

Shooting first thing in the morning! First of all, a great big thank you for all the kind messages that you’ve sent me via Gordon, the chief editor of BENT magazine. He forwards them to me every month. Some people who write want to book me for shows, others ask for an autograph or send me their photos for our porn castings; but whatever ... [Read more]

Johans Blog: Sex on the beach… but I prefer a hotel room

Johans Blog: Sex on the beach… but I prefer a hotel room To be perfectly honest, I really urgently need a holiday. After all, the last few weeks have just been way too busy! We’ve finished the redesign of our streaming site, www.Homoactive.TV, and in the meantime I’ve been shooting countless new scenes for our internet club-site, ... [Read more]

Johan on Tour

Johan on Tour As you probably know we’re regularly travelling around Europe – and sometimes even the US! – to conduct our very sexy and extremely horny STAXUS ON TOUR shows ( We do (almost) everything that you see us do on our DVDS, from signing autographs to performing double-fisting ... [Read more]

Hamburg – Sexy City

Hamburg – Sexy City Of all the cities in Germany, Hamburg is my favourite. Berlin’s great for shopping and partying, but if you’re looking for a place to live then Hamburg’s the place for me; the lovely harbour, the fabulous people and its relaxed and understated atmosphere. Perhaps you have to have been there ... [Read more]

Pink Finance Re-launched

Pink Finance Re-launched Compass, the gay financial advisers are re-launching Pink Finance the gay finance magazine as an online blog. The new online publication will once again be edited by Chris Morgan and be focused on improving the financial landscape for the gay community. Pink Finance was originally introduced in 2000 ... [Read more]

Not model behaviour

Not model behaviour What the hell is wrong with all these English models? They’re cute, they’re sexy, they’re very, very horny and they’re always a real good fuck - trust me, I know because I’ve tried it countless times myself! But sadly they’re not very reliable. I receive a lot of model applications, and ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – A throbbing between my legs

Johan’s Blog – A throbbing between my legs You may already know that I’m a big fan of motorcycling. After all, it’s a fantastic combination: speed, adrenaline, power – and sex! I really like big, fast motorbikes and drive them myself when I get the chance. Unfortunately, I don’t have one of my own, so I have to borrow one from my ... [Read more]

Beyonce – Boys will be boys

Beyonce – Boys will be boys Friends often ask me for advice. They say they can't understand boys. I've never found boys difficult. They're nothing if not predictable, and usually my friends know this too. They just want to be proved wrong. Here's a handy hint: you won't be. Take for example Porno Scally (not his real name). ... [Read more]
Beyonce – August 2010 I'LL JUST GO BACK TO TALKING ABOUT COCKS, SHALL I? Anyone who follows me on Facebook will know I'm something of a prolific user. And that's putting it lightly. Links, thoughts, musings and rants pout forth perhaps not as quick as water, but maybe as steadily as treacle from a spoon. This past month ... [Read more]

WALES OF A TIME – by Beyonce

WALES OF A TIME – by Beyonce You guide me round Bangor, opening the city up like ripe fruit, and I'm lost in the Wordsworthiness of it all. Spreading blue skies, clear as hotel pool waters, pour down wide-yawning sunshine, and I am speechless. At the pier we eat sandwiches, gradually emerging from hangover, and gaze out at yachts ... [Read more]

Fitness – It’s all about time management

Fitness – It’s all about time management It’s all about time management I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately. Maybe because it seems like I have less of it every week to do the things that I really want to do and accomplish goals much quicker. Maybe because I want to free more up to spend with my 2 dogs Raffi and Stella. Maybe ... [Read more]

Johan: Sometimes it’s better to just stay in bed!

Johan: Sometimes it’s better to just stay in bed! Maybe you know the feeling. There are days you just want to forget. Days when everything goes wrong and you wish you’d just stayed in your warm, cosy bed instead. Well, not only have I had a few of those days recently, I’ve had a few of those kinds of weeks. It’s just not been my month – ... [Read more]

Beyonce – 10 ways to reinvent yourself

Beyonce – 10 ways to reinvent yourself Sometimes life can be boring. Sometimes you've just dug the hole so deep you can't get back out again. Sometimes you need to leave town, change your wardrobe and reinvent yourself. Well if you do, here are my top ten methods to becoming reborn: Get a new job. This is the easiest. A change in career ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog

Johan’s Blog’s a tonic At last, the sun is back again. No more snow! Instead, warm temperatures and guys wearing shorts and tank-tops once more. Hurray! As a result, the streets and marketplaces become a cat-walk and at last you can check what sort of guy you’re taking home before you get to ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – April

Johan’s Blog – April Snow drops and exposed bottoms. I really like saunas. The combination of a hot steam-bath and a Jacuzzi – why, it’s just about perfect One of my favourite places is a (gay) hotel in Berlin. It’s one of the best and most relaxed stays that I know, and always provides me with very horny ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog – An American named Turk

Johan’s Blog – An American named Turk The last few weeks have been really busy for me. I’ve been on an extended business trip to Berlin; I’ve performed in a porn movie, I’ve made several videos for my own site, I’ve performed at some of our STAXUS live shows – and, at last, I’ve bought a car! Yes, I’ve finally bought ... [Read more]

BLOG FOR FUN   By Alex Wiggan

BLOG FOR FUN By Alex Wiggan When the working day is done, gays just wanna have fun.  Well, at least that’s how the song should have gone, right?  Most guys manage to get through the daily grind because they have far more exciting things going on in their free time than they do during the number crunching hours of 9 – ... [Read more]

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