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Want to buy Mum something for Christmas?

Want to buy Mum something for Christmas? Peter Andre’s newest scent Mysterious Girl for Women is sure to make ‘hearts go boom’ this Christmas as it hits The Perfume Shop shelves EXCLUSIVELY. Following on from the success of his previous fragrance Unconditional, Mysterious Girl is a sensual fusion of Rose, Peach, and Leafy Green. Heart ... [Read more]

New Home Hiv Test Launches In Uk

New Home Hiv Test Launches In Uk A home test claiming it can reassure patients they are free of HIV has been launched in the UK. The BBC reports that the public can send in a saliva sample to a laboratory, and, if negative for HIV, receive results via e-mail. According to the BBC, home tests were banned because counseling ... [Read more]

Swing Out Sister Tickets –> Too Late!

Swing Out Sister Tickets –> Too Late! Swing Out Sister's jazzy pop and the rich soulful voice and chic look of singer Corinne Drewery not only defined a generation's styling, but was at centre of late-flowering, sophisticated British pop in the second half of the Eighties. The band formed after a chance meeting of Corinne Drewery and ... [Read more]

Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat –> Too Late!

Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat –> Too Late! Strap yourself in for the wildest, sexiest and most downright hilarious Eating Out yet. Just when the cute but geeky Casey is about to throw in the towel and give upon finding any man who is anything more than just an empty gay clone, he stumbles across uber-hot Zack – and his heart instantly melts ... [Read more]

CSI Complete Season 9 –> Too Late!

CSI Complete Season 9 –> Too Late! CSI Complete Season 9 For the first time ever CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is available to buy in one complete season as Season 9 is released on DVD and Blu-ray. This season also marks the first of a wave of complete season releases and viewers will be able to see the evidence clearer than ever ... [Read more]

Nicholas Hoult on ChildLine.

Nicholas Hoult on ChildLine. English actor Nicholas Hoult who starred in About A Boy, E4’s cult teen series Skins and, most recently, in Tom Ford’s directorial debut, A Single Man and the upcoming Clash of the Titans, has been made the NSPCC's first ambassador for children and young people, encouraging young people to get in ... [Read more]

Party in Rio 2010! Bitch, Pool Party & Revolution…

Party in Rio 2010! Bitch, Pool Party & Revolution… The original Brazilian  POOL PARTY happens in a fabulous outdoor space in Rio de Janeiro with a great view of the Guanabara Bay, the Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer from the pool. The event has gained a lot of popularity over the past 5 years with both the local hotties and guys in town from other ... [Read more]

Mr Gay…

Mr Gay… Just when you think things are getting better for gay people around the world, someone or something seems to pop up who think that the world will come to an end if attitudes change. I was really saddened to hear about the problems in China for the organizers and contestants of the first Mr Gay China ... [Read more]

National System For Reporting Homophobes

National System For Reporting Homophobes Minister for Police and Security Tony McNulty has pledged support for a more effective system for the gay community to report hate crime. Last month, an investigation by discovered that access to a dedicated LGBT liaison officer is often impeded by a lack of awareness on the switchboard ... [Read more]

Travel – Miami Nice

Travel – Miami Nice Miami Nice Adrian Gillan steers you around the Art Deco, palmed, sea-view chic that is Miami. When the railroads reached Florida in the 19th Century, they brought along rich, leisured Americans seeking sun. The roaring twenties were interrupted only briefly by depressions and hurricanes; then ... [Read more]

Travel – Gay Paris

Travel – Gay Paris GAY PARIS Paris offers much for the gay traveller, from romantic weekend breaks to sunbathing beneath the Eiffel Tower. Here are Bent´s suggestions for the French capital. GETTING AROUND Many important buildings are located in Paris´ suburbs, including the Stade de France, but the city´s ... [Read more]

Travel – Antwerp or the end of the Galaxy

Travel – Antwerp or the end of the Galaxy Antwerp or the end of the Galaxy? Adam Lowe investigates. Belgium has a reputation here in the UK. Indeed, Douglas Adams once made a joke in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that the only swearword left universally unspeakable in the whole galaxy (except the one place where no one knew what ... [Read more]

Suddenly Sandra

Suddenly Sandra Suddenly Sandra Sandra Bernhard is a gay icon. From her days as ‘Nancy’ in Roseanne to her cabaret, burlesque, social commentary and rock ‘n’ roll’ shows, her friendship with Madonna, her controversy… we could identify with her and she made us laugh. Now she brings her cult show ‘Without ... [Read more]


Kajagoogoo Not ‘too shy’ anymore Back in 1983 the band Kajagoogoo had a huge world-wide hit with their first single called “Too Shy”. It was never off the radio and the young 5-piece were destined for great things but shortly after this phenomenal success the band split. Now, 25 years later, the original ... [Read more]

Junior Vasquez – Generation V

Junior Vasquez – Generation V Generation V Junior Vasquez Defines Next Generation of House Music By Gregory T. Angelo “I’ve been at the top of my game for years,” asserts the legendary DJ who has recently released his first continuous compilation in three years: Generation Next. “House music has changed a lot since ... [Read more]

Johan’s Blog

Johan’s Blog Johan’s Blog So, for the last few months I have been shooting and editing a lot of personal clips for my site. That means, Monday to Thursday wanking in the morning, while my boyfriend is recording it, then editing it during those afternoons and evenings. However, there’s a change of direction ... [Read more]

Gaydar Radio

Gaydar Radio The rise and rise of Gaydar Radio By Jason Guy: When you think about gay radio what springs to mind? Kenny Everett camping it up BBC Radio in the 80s and 90s? Radio 1’s current drive time presenter Scott Mills? Possibly the recent gay character on The Archers? Personally, ( and for more than ... [Read more]

Framed – Julian Clary

Framed – Julian Clary Framed – Julian Clary Born in Clacton on Sea to parents Peter Clary, a policeman, and Brenda Clary, a probation officer Julian has become one of England’s most controversial as well as most loved comedians. He studied at Goldsmiths College in London where he, and his best friend Linda, had ... [Read more]

Dean Stockings

Dean Stockings Sexy… Surreal… Stockings! Spurred on by receiving an Adventure Kit, which contained a camera, binoculars, a compass and a water bottle as a 6-year-old, Dean Stockings has never looked back.  The camera became a fascination but not until studying at Brighton College of Technology during ... [Read more]

Billy Dortch

Billy Dortch Let him Breathe Where have we heard this one before? Would-be model has a go at singing… fails! Well, let me be one of the first to say I doubt this will happen to new and out gay performer Billy Dortch. He has the looks and, if his first single ‘Breathe’ is anything to go by, he has the voice ... [Read more]

Travel Glasgow

Travel Glasgow Glasgow Gastro! Adrian Gillan takes the high road north of the border for a queer cultural and culinary treat in tasty, gutsy Glasgow! Scotland’s largest and most vibrant city: or so it says on the tin. Dockyards and access to America and beyond meant Glasgow quickly grew to become one of the ... [Read more]

Travel Cyprus

Travel Cyprus Eastern Mediterranean From Istanbul to North Cyprus, Chris Amos takes in a vacation with a difference. While our pound takes a pounding against the Euro, it is still holding well against the Turkish Lira. Now is the time to look further afield for summer holidays where your hard-earned cash will ... [Read more]

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